Measuring Temperature On Temperature And Temperature Essay

Measuring Temperature On Temperature And Temperature Essay

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Measuring temperature.
In this essay, my chosen topic is measuring temperature. This includes what temperature is, the different methods of measuring temperature that can be used, how to do this and the advantages and disadvantages of all methods relating to set guidelines for example NICE guidelines and those of the Royal College of Nursing and National Health Service.
Body temperature is the average core temperature of the human body which is usually around 37 degrees. According to Marieb and Hoehn, 2010, body temperature shows the balance between heat production and heat loss. This temperature however, can change and is dependent on a few different factors for example how old the individual is, the environment that they are in and if the individual has a known illness (Hockenberry and Wilson, 2007). This therefore means that it is extremely important to assess the temperature against these considerations and take them into account when making judgements regarding temperature. There are also many conditions that can alter the reading given by a thermometer, for example, if the child is in a warm room, if the child has been active or if they are wearing a few layers of clothing. The average temperature of a child is around 36.4 degrees, but this again depends on the various factors and does differ from child to child. If a child has a temperature over 37.5 degrees then this is often considered as a fever. Fevers can be very common in children and this can often be a sign that the body is trying to fight infection. When the body temperature increases, the bacteria and viruses that cause infection often cannot survive therefore a child has a fever to protect themselves against harmful microorganisms that are present within the bo...

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...osen way of measuring temperature should be based around how old the child is and opinions and preferences of the child and present family. Also, the staff who are carrying out the task of taking the temperature should be trained to do so and be trained to use the equipment that they will be using. It is important to service and collaborate the equipment in accordance to manufacturer guidelines and local policies according to the Royal College of Nursing, 2011. Additionally, the Royal College of Nursing state that all health care professionals must understand their chosen method of measuring temperature as well as understanding advantages and disadvantages to these methods so that they are able to carry out their role in educating and supporting families and are able to explain the procedures that they are going to take in order to get consent from parents or carers.

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