Essay On Philosophy Of Nursing

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An Accurate View on the World of Nursing
This paper is going to reflect my thoughts on nursing as a profession and why I think the different aspects of nursing are so important. The purpose of the content in this paper is to give the reader a straightforward view on nursing and the different components of what makes up a nurse. I will do this through analyzing the theory of nursing created by theorist Jean Watson. Her ideas about nursing and mine flow so well together and the similarities are noted throughout the paper.
Personal Philosophy
Nursing is one of the most amazing professions there is because it offers so much opportunity in one’s life. When I say opportunity I mean it offers the opportunity for growth through more education, the
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I take the role of becoming a nurse incredibly seriously because I believe that a nurse needs to take situations seriously as to be a better advocate for the patients overall health. Another belief I have of the nursing profession would be that nurses are some of the most hardworking professionals that there are. I say this because many nurses work twelve hour days and sometimes longer because they do not leave until the work is done. This all leads me up to what I consider to be my personal philosophy on nursing. My personal philosophy of nursing would be ultimately to restore my patient’s health and to prevent any illness that my patient would encounter. This would be done with the upmost respect and care for the patient through utilizing the evidence based nursing interventions. The theorist that I most relate to in terms of closeness to the same theoretical thinking would be Jean Watson. Jean Watson thinks that nursing is focused mainly on promoting health in a patient and then restoring health. She also focuses her philosophy of nursing on caring for those who are sick and preventing illness. She noted that this can be done through caring for your patient and offering a caring environment. I connect with Jean Watson so much in her way…show more content…
We as nurses are here to restore health and prevent further health detriments through caring for our patient. While giving care and preventing illness is the central idea of nursing, none of it would be possible without the foundation of knowledge learned in nursing school. A requirement for professional status would be “A profession has a theoretical body of knowledge leading to defined skills, abilities, and norms.” This statement summarizes so much of what I love about nursing. Nurses are constantly throughout the day putting their extensive knowledge to use. This in turn shows how well defined the skills and abilities of a nurse actually are. While a nurse knows a great deal of information, not everything can be done by one person. This is why collaboration, an ANA Standard of Professional Performance, is such an important skill. A nurse needs to be able to collaborate with other health care professionals to provide the best care for a patient. Another ANA Standard of Professional Performance that a nurse needs to utilize is leadership. I view a good example of leadership is standing up to someone above you in position to advocate for your patient. This
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