Essay about Measuring Performance at Trade Show

Essay about Measuring Performance at Trade Show

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Many research shows that the meaning of trade show is fairs, exposition and also trade fairs (Morrow 2002; Kirchgeorg 2005). According to Kirchgeorg, Springer, and Kastner (2010) nowadays trade shows have been used as important tools in communication mix for most of the companies. Besides that trade shows are an important medium for the promotional strategies for marketers to promote and sell their products and services for many companies (Smith, T.M., Hama, K. and Smith, P.M. 2003). Involvement of companies at the trade show can be a primary part of the firms marketing plan if it is been implement in the correct way. Trade show offered a unique opportunity by giving the customer an interactive message through the firm’s booth station, graphic display, the communication of salesperson, the support material available and the product or services demonstration (Cavanough, 1976; Konikow, 1983)( Kerin and Cron, 1987).

A lot of approved studies done to measure the understanding of trade show performance in food shows (Hansen, 2004) in small firms (Tanner 2002; Gopalakrishna & Cox 1993) and as well as industrial firms (Bello, 1992). As to provide successful and appealing trade show there are some previous studies that suggest managers to build specific plan to reach the marketing objective based on the show (Godar & O’Connor, 2001; Sharland & Balogh, 1996).

Based on the report from Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) the visitor on the trade show would likely have a higher disposable income and willing to spend more. Approximately 1.3 million international business event visitors were welcomed in Malaysia in the year of 2010, and generating roughly RM11billion to the local economy. According ...

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...dapt the framework from the research and will examine it on trade show on MATTA Fair.


The sales related dimension value all sales activities that consist on site sales and sales after the trade show such as acquire prospective buyer, selling new products, conveying and advertise the features, value of products and dervices and closing the sale (Kerin and Cron 1987; Shipley et al 1993). Mostly the previous model that focus on sales related activities are clearer. Carman and James (1968) use the production of new products as the motivator to the trade show performance. Furthermore the early studies on the researcher only listed the activities contains in the sales activities that mostly being done at the trade show for instance close sales, test market products, demo products, advance the buying process etc (Cavanaugh 1976).

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