Essay on Maxillofacial Trauma

Essay on Maxillofacial Trauma

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The incidence and epidemiological causes of maxillofacial trauma and facial fractures varies widely between different regions of the world due to social, economical, cultural consequences, awareness of traffic regulations and alcohol consumption. Reports from distinct regions in Turkey also have different etiological findings.[1, 2] According to the reports from developed countries [3-6] assault is the leading cause of facial fractures followed mostly by road traffic accidents, pedestrian collisions, stumbling, sports and industrial accidents. Compulsory seat belt usage and driver-side airbags is believed to be the cause of this sequence.[7] The reduction of drunk drivers also reduces maxillofacial trauma severity[8].But the leading cause is shifted to traffic accidents in underdeveloped or developing areas of the world followed by assaults and other reasons including warfare [9-11].
Fractures of facial skeleton may change according to trauma force, direction, and magnitude and impact duration with multiple bones commonly being affected from trauma because of complex and articulating anatomy of the visceral skull. [12]Coexistence of facial injuries and injuries below the clavicles can evoke a number of clinical problems [13]making emergency management a challenge.
This report presents maxillofacial trauma patients presented to our Emergency room between the periods of 2010 and 2012. Our goal is to broaden clinical data of maxillofacial trauma patients for public health measures. It is our credence that broader knowledge of maxillofacial trauma patients’ epidemiological properties and trauma patterns with simultaneous injuries in different areas of the body may help emergency clinicians to deliver more accurate diagnos...

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...omplex and zygomatic arch fractures in Sao Paulo State, Brazil. J Oral Maxillofac Surg, 2006. 64(1): p. 63-7.
21. Mulligan, R.P. and R.C. Mahabir, The prevalence of cervical spine injury, head injury, or both with isolated and multiple craniomaxillofacial fractures. Plast Reconstr Surg, 2010. 126(5): p. 1647-51.
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23. Gandhi, S., et al., Pattern of maxillofacial fractures at a tertiary hospital in northern India: a 4-year retrospective study of 718 patients. Dent Traumatol, 2011. 27(4): p. 257-62.
24. Hashemi, H.M. and M. Beshkar, The prevalence of maxillofacial fractures due to domestic violence--a retrospective study in a hospital in Tehran, Iran. Dent Traumatol, 2011. 27(5): p. 385-8.

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