Essay about Martin Luther King Jr. And John Kennedy

Essay about Martin Luther King Jr. And John Kennedy

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Both leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and John Kennedy were involve with race in global terms. They both wanted to see a change in the world. They weren’t happy or pleased with how the current state of America was at the moment. As Americans, if we are separate, we aren’t very strong. A group divided isn’t strong. It’s a weak and easily breakable. It’s good though to realize the issues that divided the group and to solve it so that American could be great. This is what these two leaders had in mind. They wanted social justice. They didn’t want the country to be at opposite sides. However, one leader’s first goal wasn’t to end racism, but to end the cold war.
President John Kennedy priorities were the cold war. However, he couldn’t get the support of the country if the American citizens were upset at him. He needed to appease both sides. Before he did anything, he needed to find out what he could do that would make both sides look at him positively. There was resistance to slavery and segregation that was among the black population. In efforts to make this side of the American populati...

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