Marriage And Divorce : The Four Countries Essay

Marriage And Divorce : The Four Countries Essay

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Marriage and Divorce
создание семьи, 婚姻, sey, marriage. All represent the same word, but are interpreted differently amongst the four countries in discussion. Whether in Russia, China, the Gambia, or the United States, marriage and divorce are very intertwined in the cultures. Between the four countries, the concept of marriage is fairly similar, while divorce is vastly different. Heterosexual marriage is considered vital in all countries in order to have stability, contain a balance in family dynamics, and to be successful. While same sex marriage and divorce are not as concrete of concepts.
The Gambia is a very family-oriented country with numerous qualities. In the Gambia, arranged marriages and polygamy are very common. Along with the arranged marriages, they also have a bride price. The one student described a bride price as a dowry that the man sends to the woman’s family. The bride price helps to keep stability within the culture because it continues the tradition. During the linking about family life, the Gambian men were a lot more outspoken about marriage and the whole process. Once married, that person is considered to be successful, more so for the woman than the man because the woman’s main role is to be a housewife.
In the Gambia, weddings are big celebrations and not just for the couple to be, but for the entire family. The wedding ceremonies depend on the ethnic group. Typically, they have two ceremonies, one for the girls and one for the boys. There are a lot more colors involved other than white. There is also an abundance of music playing, specifically by the men while the women dance. Lastly, the gifts that are given are from the bride’s family to the groom’s family.
Due to marriage being very sacred, it mak...

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...rce. The countries all expressed a deep desire to be connected to their ancestors because it is where they find their stability and comfort. The continued balance of the family dynamics are heavily dependent on the women in almost all the countries. In addition, there are several factors that go into a successful marriage, but the most important factor for all the countries is the family. The legalization of same sex marriages will continue to be a major discussion throughout all the countries for several years to come because of the strong religious beliefs and social media influences. The steps that are being taken are making progress, but deep rooted traditions will continue to outweigh the progress in the Gambia, Russia, and China because the governmental influence. Ultimately, marriage is what keeps, not only families together but culture and traditions alive.

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