Marketing Techniques : Consumerism And Marketing Essay

Marketing Techniques : Consumerism And Marketing Essay

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Consumerism and Marketing
You ever truly think It is good for customers to be areas of the different marketing techniques that companies use to sell whatever their product may be. I have seen how this affects other people like myself throughout my life. Being a college football player has also given me new perspectives to look at with different ideas. Just because something is in a nice package does not mean that you need it or that the product will be to your benefit. Or just because something looks nice in a window does not mean it will look nice on you or that you will like that item.
In the community where I grew up I see how advertising by using different techniques affects my community . One of the techniques that marketers use to influence consumer behavior is when they use window spacing. Stores do this to enhance sales which provides elements of sarcasm and irony. One example in my hometown of window shopping is at this tuxedo store called “Marians” in the center of the city. They have these nice clothes out on display in their windows. They do this to try and lure people into buying from their store . The store also has a great location that is easy for people to find and get to. There are always people driving by it, so there are many people who see the nice displays they have in their windows. I know that the strategy they use works, from personal experience. I just recently when there to get a tuxedo for my senior prom. I also know many of my friends went there as well. Marians does a great job of promoting their business, therefore it leads to them getting a lot of business from customers.
Another technique that stores will use is using tables to display an...

... middle of paper ... does not have good packaging then that will not reflect well on themselves. People want to make sure that they receive the item they ordered online, without it being harmed at all. Myself and many of my friends like to wear different jerseys of our favorite athletes and such. Most of us use a website called “”. This site is well-known for having great prices on their jerseys, compared to almost every other site. However, despite having the reputation of having great jerseys, they also have a reputation for having poor shipping methods. There was one case where I had to wait about two months for my jersey to come in the mail, when it should have taken two weeks. There was also another instance where my friend never even received the jersey that he ordered. So, the bad reputation of their shipping may cause some people to avoid buying from the site.

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