Marketing Plan For Gucci As A Brand Image Of Luxury Product Essay

Marketing Plan For Gucci As A Brand Image Of Luxury Product Essay

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1 Their desired positioning for Gucci is to create a luxury goods firm with limited distribution targeting exclusive clientele and reinvent Gucci as classic brand . They wanted to reduce over distribution , over expansion and product availability everywhere . They wanted to get rid of images / an image / the image that anybody can own a Gucci product and bring back the premium product image . Their target customers were classic , older , conservative and exclusive clientele in upper reaches of market with high brand loyalty . They were right about bringing back luxury product images but they reduced one too many products too fast without any replacement products . They were right about reducing numbers / a number / the number of products because they are a premium product business and they don 't want to have 22,000 products . They were also right about reducing distribution network which could dent a brand image of luxury product . 2 . They didn 't understand the tradeoffs between cost and differentiation . they positioned themselves with smaller markets by focusing on wealthier older conservative customers and set prices too high for their differentiation strategy . the tradeoff didn 't pay off and their high prices resulted in a huge drop in revenues . They distribution plan also backfired with closing so many American stores at once . Dawn Mello 's biggest strategic blunder was picking style instead of fashion which changed customers perception of Gucci . they strategy didn 't include what customer wants and their perception of Gucci . 3 . Industry Profit Potential (1989 ) : Buyer power was high with bargaining power and customer was not price sensitive , very demanding , selective and don 't care about switching costs . Suppl...

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...ibution channels and marketing strategy to establish their position as a premium product brand . Personal drive and sense of urgency of De sole and Tom Ford and their strategic move from classic image to fashionable and glamorous image was big reason for Gucci 's huge success . Structuring for Success : Their competitive advantage against Prada and louis Vuitton is their suppliers high artistic capacity . They invested heavily in technology innovation like computerized leather cutting . They provided selected supplies of technical and financial support as part of their semi vertical integration approach . Their highly flexible production including skilled manufacturers , advanced technology and efficient logistics resulted in an increase in manufacturing capacity . They were able to create to more return by not going fully vertical integrated to approach like Hermes .

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