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Society’s view of rape is that it only occurs at night to women in dark alleys by men they have never seen or met before. In reality there are two types of rape in which the victim knows the attacker. One of these is known as Acquaintance rape and the other being marital rape. All forms of rape have long term impacts on the victims, for a victim of acquaintance rape they can feel especially shameful if the attacker was a relative or superior at school or work. For victims of marital rape the assaults can be violent including verbal and physical abuse. In marital rape do to the fact the victim is married to their attacker it can lead to displacement, divorce, and codependency.
Acquaintance rape is sometimes referred to as date rape. Acquaintance rape is unwanted sexual intercourse done to the victim by a known person of the victim. This form of rape is most common among teenagers and young adults. A 1982 study of reported rapes in the US of teenagers showed that 92% knew their attackers. Similar to marital rape the victim knows the attacker. Unlike marital rape though, the attack can occur at parties or public places and often involve the use of drugs and Alcohol.
Marital rape is unwanted sexual intercourse performed by a spouse. Often time’s marital rape is a more than one time occurrence. Marital rape is associated with abuse; it can often involve physical abuse and emotional abuse between husband and wife. Marital rape can be just as violent as stranger rape.
Stranger rape is unwanted sexual acts performed by persons unknown to the victim. This form of rape is especially violent and traumatizing. Stranger rape is a random act of violence, control, and power. It has nothing to do with uncontr...

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...the abuse experienced by an individual take the form of physical problems that cannot be explained by the usual means and Dissociative Identity Disorder is a dissociative disorder in which two or more separate and distinct personalities control an individual's behavior at different times.

Borderline Personality Disorder is one of many possible long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse. Many of these affects demand intense therapy and demand that the victim be placed on anti psychotics.

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