Maria Chavez : The Oldest Of Her Family Essay

Maria Chavez : The Oldest Of Her Family Essay

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Maria Chavez, a 15 year old Latina female, was referred to your clinic by her primary physician after her parents brought her in for a checkup. Maria had been experiencing low energy levels, spending far more time sleeping than was usual for her and complaining of stomach pains. She had missed several days of school recently spending the entire day in bed. After three days, Maria’s parents insisted that she return to school, at the completion of the school day Maria would go immediately to bed upon arriving home. After running numerous tests Maria’s physician could find nothing physical amiss.
Maria is the oldest of her siblings. Her brother, Hector, is 13 and her sister, Ana, is 10. Her parents were born in the United States, but met in Mexico while visiting family. Maria is very close with her extended family in Mexico and visits them every summer without fail. When visiting Mexico she spends most of her time with her maternal grandmother, who returned to Chihuahua after the death of her husband, whom she loves dearly. The rest of her time, she spends with her cousins who live in various areas surrounding Parral.
Maria is described as a well behaved, cooperative child who appeared to make a special effort to please her parents. She easily made friends and got along well with other children. She seem to experience some anxiety as a child, becoming noticeably uncomfortable with seemingly minor changes in schedule or how the house was organized. Her mother described an instance which her husband’s work schedule changed causing the family to have to eat dinner an hour later than usual. This caused Maria to be unaccustomedly resistant, insistent that it was dinner time and that they “should” be eating dinner. After several weeks she...

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...s and the coach have just been “pissing” her off lately anyway. Maria states that being angry with her coach and her friends make her feel awful because she knows they are really good people. She asserts that she must be a terrible person because only a horrible person would feel this way towards good friends. She states that she wishes to just go away. When asked if she is speaking of running away, she says no, that she wishes to just no longer be, as if she could flip a switch and no longer exist. Maria explains that she is tired of burdening everyone with her presence. When asked if she means dying, she states she is uncertain, that she thinks of dying frequently, but is afraid of death. When asked if she intends to end her life she responds that she is not sure. She reveals that the thought has often crossed her mind, but she couldn’t imagine how she would do it.

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