Marcus Sowell’s Rhetorical Reading Essay

Marcus Sowell’s Rhetorical Reading Essay

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A recent young adult novel has stirred up a lot of controversy in the world of writing literature. The issue is that current young adult literature is too dark for teen readers, or is merely more realistic than previous works for teens. In early June 2011, the Wall Street Journal ran an editorial written by book critic Meghan Cox Gurdon says how dark is contemporary fiction for teens? Darker than when you were a child, my dear: So dark that kidnapping and pederasty and incest and brutal beatings are now just part of the run of things in novels directed, broadly speaking, at children from ages of 12 to 18. As I write rhetorically about this argument meaning the understanding of or approach to human interaction or based on their purpose and motivation.
Teenagers can identify with characters and use some of this particular literature to identify with some of the challenges in society today. Critics say banning such books from libraries or attempting to keep young people from reading them is tantamount to censorship and is counterproductive. Some people can really identify themselves in some of the literature like ‘Twilight’ series by Stephanie Meyer. Young adult literature that dives into disturbing topics such as suicide, addiction and self-mutilation has the potential to depress and dangerously influence teenagers, who are more impressionable than adult readers. Parents and librarians should screen books for young adult readers more actively
This article is talking about different young adults writing novels about suicide, drug abuse, etc…. Some young adults disagree with these types of articles because they claim. Young Adult Literature that is on the LSC Libraries websi...

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... Reading these three sources of rhetorically with the help of Hass and Flower in the role of rhetorical reading. This help me find the key points in these literature about young teenage writers and how they think some agree and some disagree. I believe that a person should be real when they write and be open about life and what it intakes. These permits a lot of people to ask a question why young teenagers write about real life stuff will this help other teenagers or will it promote more violence in the world.

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