The Importance Of Young Adult Literature

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Countless parents are exposing their children to material that could scar them. This material, young adult literature, is a plague infecting the world. Young adult literature is literature for and about adolescents that often addresses mature topics. Although the language is acceptable for teens, the content is still very explicit. There is a major debate regarding young adult literature, as there are many people that feel that these novels have much to offer. However, young adult literature is not benefitting adolescents. Therefore, teenagers should not read young adult literature. Young adult literature addresses content too mature for adolescents. Topics such as suicide, sex, and abortion are common plot points found in young adult novels.…show more content…
One of these is how the popular kids dislike the unpopular kids. There is an article in the Huffington Post that talks about how most of the time, the popular girls do not actually hate those in their social circle (DeRosa). Personally, I feel that at my school, this does not exist. While people may eat lunch separately, interactions are free. If someone wanted to talk to someone else, then they just do. The fact of the matter is, most kids just want to get along. So while these books may be claiming to help kids deal with their problems, the reality is that they are making the problems of labeling. Another character that gets generalized in young adult literature are the parents or guardians. Most of the time, they are cast as bad parents or just simply absent. Julie Just, who is a writer for the New York Times, states, "...The bad parent is now enjoying something of a heyday. It would be hard to come up with an exact figure from the thousands of Y.A. novels published every year, but what’s striking is that some of the most sharply written and critically praised works reliably feature a mopey, inept, distracted or ready-for-rehab parent, suggesting that this has become a particularly resonant figure." Just is saying that all parents are generalized as either bad or missing from the teenagers' life. Look at one of the bestselling young adult novels of all time; Harry
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