The Many Perspectives Of Gun Laws Essay

The Many Perspectives Of Gun Laws Essay

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The Many Perspectives of Gun Laws
Families across the nation, over the years, have been leaning towards a community allowing, enforcing, and regulating gun policies. There is a sense of comfort and safety that follows a purchase of a mechanism capable of defending lives, or, more unfortunately, having adverse outcomes. Indirectly, many crimes have been linked to possession and trafficking of illegal, undocumented guns. Although guns aren’t to blame for the breakdowns of societies and communities, the conclusive
While observing gun laws, there are some factors to take into consideration. First off, what do these laws stand for and why is it so relevant to each and every American citizen? Well, simply, these laws grant any law abiding citizen with the permission to obtain and handle a concealed weapon, with certain prerequisites. Precarious and extensive background checks are essential in order to be granted eligibility to purchase a weapon.
Although carrying a concealed weapon has potential to be both beneficial and lethal, many states have been cracking down on certain gun restrictions. Not too long ago, tragic instances, to say the least, have taken place and were directly associated with a, or multiple, weapons (possibly illegal). This calls for concern to many law abiding citizens. How, then, do local municipalities and law enforcements go about creating, organizing, and implicating laws to protect our citizens even with these laws “more than 80 Americans are dying daily from gunfire and another 200 are suffering injuries,” (Horwitz). Most gun-related crimes are committed using handguns, this has caused law enforcement to place laws in to place. There are four major laws that show how a permit is issued, the first is unres...

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... infringement on their personal rights, and liberates to have their guns controlled. The government has been doing a lot to crack down on handgun violence, but while doing so has stirred the pot with many individuals who believe the right to bear an arm is an entitlement.
Controlling guns, and their user’s intentions, are what create many political, ethical, and moral disruptions. Although guns have many benefits, by supporting police forces and providing citizens with some sort of protection, there comes a significant price to pay. Whether it be the value of the dollar holding the buyer back, or the temptation to commit mass crimes, guns have become a common occurrence in today’s day and age. Many laws have been placed on gun in the past years due to the crime levels. In all, guns have been given a bad wrap, and in many cases can be used to protect the greater good.

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