Managing Risks Of Operations And Supply Chains Essay example

Managing Risks Of Operations And Supply Chains Essay example

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Research Statement
Bo Li
I center my research agenda on managing risks in operations and supply chains. My favored research methodologies include analytical modelling, statistical analytics, game theory, and numerical simulation.
My research will help managers make operational and strategic decisions in the presence of demand and supply risks. My investigation in operations-finance interface and supply chain risk management illustrates the important role of demand and supply risks for decision makers when inventory decisions lead to financial risks. In retail operations, I demonstrate that managers deserve an active role in store inventory management, in contrast to classical inventory theory that precludes manager intervention. My research in bone marrow transplant underlines the importance of system design in healthcare settings. Lastly, my research in cloud service competition examines strategic decisions in new business models that have capacity and revenue implications.
My long-term research goals include the continuation of current research and studying new problems that relate to the risks and dynamics in manufacturing and service industries. My career goal is to become a successful researcher and educator in operations and supply chain management.

Operations-Finance Interface and Supply Chain Risk Management
Matching supply and demand through careful and deliberate management is crucial and involves significant financial risk. Two of my dissertation essays address issues pertaining to risks in inventory systems not captured by the risk-neutral perspective. In my first dissertation essay, I show that random demand and production may lead to unappreciated significant risk in inventory holding cost and backordering cost, an...

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...ompetitive entry threats. One of my findings is that the incumbent cloud service provider should deter competitor entry under moderate levels of customer valuation, service usage and market size, and allow competitor entry otherwise. Moreover, I find that cloud service providers should not always deter potential entrants with preemptive low pricing, and that allowing competitor entry may be the preferred choice with favorable capacity cost differential.
My future research in this area includes pricing and service offering strategies of service providers under various technology and business settings. Moreover, I am currently working on an early-phase project in collaboration with a cloud service provider of inventory management applications, with which I seek to investigate how cloud service can reshape supply chains and bring value to customers with data analytics.

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