Management Plan For Ibm 's Saas Service Essay examples

Management Plan For Ibm 's Saas Service Essay examples

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Over the next 1-2 years, Mr. Metcalfe’s goals for his department seem to focus primarily on stability. The team is currently undergoing some major restructuring in terms of roles with the move to the cloud recently complete and the PeopleSoft migration imminent. Therefore, the focus will also be on rolling out the Electronic Medical Records software to all remaining facilities, completing the ERP upgrade and migrating the last of the legacy systems to IBM’s SaaS service. Another goal will be to restrict all problem resolution requests to tier 1, reserving tier 2 and tier 3 for expansion projects like aiding with onboarding and divesting facilities. On a longer term basis (3-5 years), a similar focus on stability will remain, with the budget being a key factor. With industry condition sure to change, the need for flexibility and reduced cost will remain paramount.
Social media will also be a focal point in the near future. As previously mentioned, 2016 was a year for pioneering and beta testing in this area. Several facilities took it upon themselves to do this on their own, to which compliance was blindsided and had to quickly react to protect sensitive information (for example posting pictures with patients on Facebook without signed consent on record). The rush to react also lit a fire and set in motion the task force that intends to roll out a more comprehensive plan in 2017. This push was realized using a multi-facility survey where the data was plotted on a Gartner Matrix where the axes were represented by facility visibility and patient sentiment. The findings showed that there was a strong correlation between the two variables so the decision was made move towards this initiative. This new model will create dedicated page...

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6. Conclusion
For my first seven plus year in the company I felt slighted as I didn’t have the technological benefits as the analysts at our competitors. However, after speaking with Mr. Metcalfe, I see where the need just isn’t there. The greater need is on agility, flexibility and ability to react to the changing landscape in the industry. That would explain why competitors are downsizing, diversifying or going under while Fundamental is growing their portfolio. The last eight years of president Obama’s administration proved extremely challenging for the industry, and the next four should be equally challenging. I have confidence that the alignment at Fundamental is positioned to survive the turbulent times ahead, while leaving the finance team the freedom to be opportunistic as competitors jump ship and look to other industries with fewer headwinds.

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