Management Of The Foreign Language Center At The Armed Forces Academy Essay

Management Of The Foreign Language Center At The Armed Forces Academy Essay

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Motivation must be one of the main priorities for the management of the Foreign Language Center at the Armed Forces Academy in Tirana, Albania. The manager is very often challenged by finding ways how to inspire staff motivation at work. Intrinsically satisfying as well as extrinsically encouraging factors are both necessary in creating such an environment where employees are motivated to do their jobs. Staff motivation is not an easy job to do as it requires a combination of many factors altogether such as meeting employees expectations, fulfilling their needs, creating favorable workplace conditions, avoiding faculty burn out and finding ways how to keep qualified people work for you.
It is not uncommon that many LPAs fail to understand the importance of investing in motivation so that the way to accomplishing of their mission and vision is paved. Even when they acknowledge the significance of motivation LPAs might fail in finding the way to provide a work environment that stimulates staff motivation.
Thus a LPA should be well aware of the importance and necessity of creating the right and necessary environment and has to involve and encourage all his staff to enhance their professional teaching skills and properly direct the synergy towards the shared vision. By providing such professional development to the staff, the language manager is meeting the organization’s goals: producing military students with high proficiency in English language. They will be able to cooperate effectively in multinational operations, missions, exercises and high level meetings with our international partners. If an organization is doing well and has found its niche all the staff feels they are stakeholders in that success and feel ...

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...from it and do not see it as a need for change or innovation within their business. However according to research made the people who usually quit their jobs are usually “the proficient” ones and this means that the organization does not only lose well qualified resources but also time and money to hire other employees and train them. .
Consequently, based on the benefits it provides the significance of motivation in the workplace is really high. Only the collective efforts of all employees will make the organization succeed in achieving its goals. Motivation puts human resources into action and improves the level of efficiency of the staff. When problems and concerns need to be solved they require for financial and human resources. The manager needs the willingness not just the physical presence of all human resources in accomplishing the organization’s mission.

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