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Essay on Man And How The Earth

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Why suffering, tragedies, misery, and many other things that relate exists has always been a question that mankind has been attempting to explain for years. Different regions from around the globe all referred to this dark side as evil. It is seen that in the African myth, “The Quarrelsomeness of Man and How the Earth was Peopled” (PM 47) and the Near Eastern myth, “The Enuma Elish” (PM 91) that the existence of the female is the pure reason why earth consists of evil, as well as what a female is capable of that man is not. However, within these two myths, this process is executed differently. In “The Quarrelsomeness of Man and How the Earth was Peopled” (PM 47) a woman unintentionally allows evil to be summoned over mankind; while in “The Enuma Elish” (PM 91) where it is the female who makes the decision to create evil and command it over mankind. One of these myths opens the door for evil, while the other is the source of evil. It is also found that the significance of evil differs from each of the two myths, one affecting the world more than the other.
The Africans believed that females mistakenly summoned evil. The story started when a woman that bothered everybody (“But there was a woman named Mbokomu who bothered everybody [PM 47],”) was sent down from the heavens to earth with her son and daughter and given the mission to create the human population through reproduction (“Cast out of paradise, she descends to earth with her children and encourages them to incest [PM 47].”) Because they are the only humans on Earth, the mother orders her son to impregnate his sister. In result, creating a weak yet close bond between the two siblings that later leads to consequence. (“Your sister is a woman, his mother replied. Take her an...

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... that the African and Near Eastern myths both betray the fact that females were somehow involved in the creation of evil but in completely opposite ways. It is found that this resulted in completely different outcomes in exactly how significant the evil was in each story. When comparing the two myths, the act of unintentionally summoning evil in the African myth had more on an effect on the overall world than the intentional act that was taken in the Near Eastern myth. It is found that the female character in the Near Eastern myth used the fear quality of evil to her advantage by using her ability to spawn creatures that will put fear into her enemies to allow her become looked at as the powerful one. Therefore we come to a conclusion to find that many regions share the belief that evil was brought upon the world in different ways that involve the actions of females.

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