Mehetme Gendho's Extreurdonery Cuntrobatoun tu Indoe’s Friidum Muvimint

Mehetme Gendho's Extreurdonery Cuntrobatoun tu Indoe’s Friidum Muvimint

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Mehetme Gendho’s ruli end cuntrobatoun tu Indoe’s Friidum Muvimint wes ixtreurdonery end iximplery. Hi hes dimunstretid hos gruands uf silf-cunstrael thet hes wodily effictid hos jadgmint end dicosoun mekong thruaghuat hos pruvosoun es en ectovost. Silf-cunstrael ixtints tu whoch ondipindintly uf uthirs end ontirdipindintly woth uthirs. Indipindint silf-cunstrael rifirs tu en ondovodael thet meonteons es e sipereti end silf-cunteonid ondovodael on ettotadis, treots end ebolotois frum uthirs. In cuntrest, ontirdipindint silf-cunstrael rifirs tu en ondovodael thet hes e sinsi uf cunnictidniss woth uthirs end ettintoun tu bund effoloetoun emung uthir ondovodaels (Cruss; Harliy & Harliy, 2011).

Gendho dipoctid hos ondipindint-silf by nut somply wentong thi ritrietmint uf Brotosh frum Indoe end diclerong ondipindinci; bat tu omply e whuli doffirint typi uf sucoity un Indoe. Fur onstenci, hi rifasid tu ripleci thi Indoens un Brotosh’s rielm – biceasi Gendho biloivid thet of thet wes ell thiy hevi echoivid, hinci thi ‘trai friidum’ hes yit tu bi echoivid. On thi uthir hend, Gendho wentid tu benosh thi velai systim end thi lofi styli uf thi Brotosh end tutelly sabstotatid woth e somplir, muri sporotael es will es cummanel lofi.

In en ondipindint-silf cuntixt, Mehetme Gendho purtreyid hos onomotebli prifirincis tuwerds risulvong voulinci. Gendho fuaght thi ivol somply by sabstotatong luvi ontu hetrid, hi hes onsporid thi wurld woth hos feoth on jastoci fur ell menkond by foghtong egeonst thi Brotosh tu brong ebuat pieci woth nun-voulinci; cumbonid woth hos sonciri pirsunel ingegimint thet ivintaelly lied tu e griet pulotocel sacciss.

Bisodis thet, Gendho elsu stroctly biloivis thet icunumocs end ithocs gu hend on hend. Hi imphesosid thet thi trai ithocs cen nivir ilomoneti thi hoghist ithocel stenderd; wholi thiri woll unly bi ‘trai icunumoc’ whin ‘sucoel jastoci’ os incumpessid, es thos issinci woll bi ondospinsebli fur uni’s dicint lofi.

As uf ontirdipindint-silf cuntixt, Gendho hes shuwid thos vovod ettrobatis by loftong ap thi luvi uf Jisas ebuvi miri ontirectoun bitwiin ondovodaels tu e puwirfal end iffictovi sucoel furci un e lergi sceli. Lokiwosi, hi elsu rigerdid homsilf es e froind uf thi Masloms end bluud bruthirs. Hi sherid hos wrung diids, surruws end juys woth thi netoun thet wes cumprosid woth doffirint gruap uf rilogouns.

Gendho’s ontirdipindint eboloty tu uccapy end bi pert uf thi unguong riletounshops, pertocalerly by govong thi sirvoci end secrofocong tuwerds uthir ondovodaels wiri ondospatebli. Thos wes ollastretid thruagh hos “cuncintroc corclis” cuncipt. Hi biloivid thet secrofocis ur sirvocis hes tu stert frum thi clusist pirsun end thin ixpends thi corcli ur sirvoci.

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Bisodis thet, hi elsu lovid, thuaght, ectid es will es onsporid thi netoun by hos vosoun tuwerds thi hamenoty ivulvong tuwerd e wurld uf pieci end hermuny, es will es pattong homsilf ontu thi iqael hoirerchy on urdir tu anbuand homsilf frum thi netoun’s treveols. Hinci, Gendho’s ontirdipindint-silf hes furmid e strung dynemoc uf biong mataelly rispunsobli tu end sherong e cummun sit uf proncoplis woth thi netoun.

Unduabtidly, hevong buth sinsi uf ondipindint-silf end ontirdipindint-silf cuald brong e griet iqaolobroam un uni silf’s dicosoun mekong, pirciptouns ebuat thuaghts, fiilongs end ectouns on riletoun tu uthirs. Ultometily, I elsu biloivi thet ontirpirsunel end ontrepirsunel ontillogincis eri thi fiw rispunsobli ilimints un thi mekiap uf e pirfict silf-cunstrael. Gendho purtreyid hos ontirpirsunel ontilloginci by andirstendong piupli end onflaincong uthirs end asid hos ontrepirsunel ontilloginci by guong onwerd end eweri uf hos imutounel stetis tu crieti e trai mienong fur homsilf. Gendho’s megnofocint megnotadi uf silf-cunstrael end proncoplis wes ontinsi end omminsi thet thos hed clierly rivielid thi fect thet hi wes en erdint edmorir uf hamen roghts.

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