Mae Ngai 's Reforming Immigration For Good, And Offer My Recommendation For Or Against Publication

Mae Ngai 's Reforming Immigration For Good, And Offer My Recommendation For Or Against Publication

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I am writing in response to your request that I analyze Mae Ngai’s “Reforming Immigration for Good,” and offer my recommendation for or against publication. After reading Ngai’s document, in my opinion, I believe that UTA students will find the article interesting. Ngai’s Piece is very interesting because it addresses a reoccurring problem and can easily be made into a controversial debate. I recommend that UTA students should read the article because it has a different approach than what most people view on Immigration laws; however, I believe that UTA students will disagree with Ngai’s viewpoint of improving the immigration laws which will allow for more immigrants to apply for citizenship. I also recommend that students read it because it is written by a well-educated daughter of immigrants who writes in such a way that allows the reader to understand the viewpoint of a female foreigner.
Ngai’s central claim is that the United States of America’s legalization of the undocumented is humane and practical, but the proposals for controlling future immigration are almost certain to fail. She makes this claim in response to a recent statement by President Obama, who made it clear that the overhaul of America’s immigration laws was his top domestic priority. Ngai supports her central claim by using three proposals that have previously been put in place but did not solve the problem. The two supporting reasons for the central claim are: the promise to “Secure the Border” and what she calls the “one-size-fits-all rule.” These reasons are valid in showing that the proposals have had flaws, but does not show how they have failed. She not only addresses Mexican immigrants, but immigrants from all over the world. So who really cares? At ...

... middle of paper ... the promises made by Congress were and uses facts to prove that they were half measure reforms. In the third paragraph she informs us that because of the promise to secure the border America now has more Mexicans settling permanently than before it was put in place.
Ngai’s arguments are standard issue and have been easily discussed many times already. Shorthorn readers are already aware of what the immigration laws are and what they have done. Even though I believe that Shorthorn readers will not find it as a juicy or an exciting read, I still believe it should be published. Since this article was written by a daughter of an immigrant I feel it’s an interesting refresher from a different viewpoint. Since this the article seemed like an academic inquiry the article could easily be used for references for students who are taking classes and have assignments at UTA.

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