Ludwig Van Beethoven : An Extraordinary Composer Essay

Ludwig Van Beethoven : An Extraordinary Composer Essay

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Ludwig Van Beethoven also known as Beethoven was an extraordinary composer known by many. Beethoven was born around December 16, 1770 and died March 26, 1887. In his fifty seven years of life he was able to become a famous composer of classical music. His life may not have been long in our standards, but he had career highlights, music compositions, personal life, and his death.
Beethoven had accomplished many achievements in his life, but some of his career highlights were what made him so popular. In the article Ludwig Van Beethoven Biography by Editors, they wrote that Beethoven’s first break was when he dropped out of school at age fourteen year 1784, and got a job as an Assistant Court Organist. By the year 1787 the court wanted to move Beethoven to Vienna, “Europe’s capital of culture and music” ( Editors 2). By the age of seventeen he was able to go to Vienna and play music which was definitely a career highlight, but then after being in Vienna for only a few weeks his mother became ill and he moved back home to Bonn. Beethoven’s next break wasn’t until he was twenty five and was able to go back to Vienna on March 29, 1795 this was when he performed his first piece called a piano concerto in C major ( Editors 3). Beethoven’s next career highlight is “His "Six String Quartets," published in 1801, demonstrate complete mastery of that most difficult and cherished of Viennese forms developed by Mozart and Haydn” ( Editors 3). All of these career highlights are what makes Beethoven so known today even if you don’t listen to classical music everyday I’m sure that you have heard of Beethoven or of one of his pieces.

To understand Beethoven better a good way to do that is...

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...f 31 Beethoven was able to tell a friend of his deafness and how he felt about losing his hearing.

Not many know about the death of Beethoven and how he ended up dying. Editors talk about his death and say that an autopsy shows, “immediate cause of death was post-hepatitic cirrhosis of the liver” (5). Which post-hepatic cirrhosis of the liver is a chronic disease of the liver. Editors also talk about a theory that Beethoven may have been poisoned but this theory has also been shut down (5). Beethoven lived a short life in our eyes and had many ups and downs in it as well. I learned so much about Beethoven and his life. My favorite part was about his medical history and learning what all had happened to him. Even though it sounds like his life wasn’t all too great he was an amazing composer and is definitely known today.

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