An Era Filled With Heartfelt Emotion

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From the years 1850-1920, composers began to dwell less on the technical stuff in music and began to concentrate more on feeling. When composers like Johannes Brahms and Antonin Dvorak tried to express themselves in their music was the time of the Romantic Era. In this period of time composers creatively tried to play a thunder storm or a sun rise. Frederik Chopin did an amazing job of melodizing natural occurrences that one can see every day. The Romantic Period has allowed composers to loosen the time differences between the bar lines and express their hearts and thought through music.
Ludwig van Beethoven’s compositions are believed to have brought about the romantic era ("The Era of Beethoven."). Music from the Romantic Era was written for emotion and feeling. Cara Batema once said about the Romantic style, “Music became nationalistic by composers using styles and forms of the folk music of their native countries, and music was more personal.” When the composer Chopin wanted show the sun through his music, a listener can hear the awe of the sunrise, as well feel the relief that the terror of the night is over. The Romantic Era truly is an era filled with emotion.
Johannes Brahms was one famous composer in the Romantic Period who was encouraged by his father to pursue music instead of the law. Having been born in 1833 and died in 1897, Johannes Brahms contributed to the world by helping the poor and weak and by composing. Brahms often had to work extremely hard to think of a musical idea. He could not sit down and write a tune that quickly formed in his head like the extremely talented Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Brahms was more like Beethoven who used two or three notes and built of them to make a song. During his day...

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