Lowering The Hours Of A Workweek Essay examples

Lowering The Hours Of A Workweek Essay examples

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As the old saying goes, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,” but everyone forgets the other stimulating quote on work to worker relations, “Nine to five may earn one much money, but nine to two can save one from worry.” It has become a common stigmata in today’s society for honest workers to be churned through an overly-demanding economic machine commonly known as the 40 to 50 hour work week. This outdated contraption of misleading reward has surrounded and held the American people in its tight hold. In a society where productivity is measured by the hours one clocks in at the end of the day, the reality is that by lowering the hours in a workweek, one would be encouraging a stronger and healthier working body, promoting individual and familial well-being, and supporting a more economically competitive and productive working society.

In a highly-demanding laboring body, overwork and exploitation are commonly accepted problems that can lead to physical, mental, and even social complications. Though most employers do not purposely intend to cast such emotional stresses onto their employees, they may be the clueless perpetrators of such actions. Employees may also be the victims of their own undoings, as longer schedules can seem more rewarding than problematic at first glance. What can seem so simple and one-dimensional at first turns into a growing cluster of mountainous work and tight deadlines. From the dawn of these complex situations have come numerous scientific studies showing the extent of damage that overwork does to the human body and mind. Among these studies is a 2015 poll by Best Companies, which showed that working more than 35 hours in a week was directly linked to a significant ...

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...ccessibility, and fertility.

While the common belief is that by working more hours in a week one could get more done, the truth of the complicated discussion is that by cutting down on the hours a person works in a week there is room for growth in one’s personal job performance, physical health, social awareness, and even economic standing. If productivity were universally measured in the depth of one’s work rather than in a numerical input, the findings would overwhelmingly support the widespread embrace of shorter working weeks and days. The implications of a worldwide embrace for the idea are far and wide, and the global ramifications of such an undertaking are as vast as they are promising. A man who masters his minutes is an influence of a lived death, but a man who is mastered by his hours is an influence of a deathly life.

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