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Even though Lowe Mill is a working space, is open to the public Wednesdays through Saturdays. If studio doors are open, the public is invited, and encouraged, to enter the studios and talk with the artisans. This offers an opportunity seldom available at other public art-viewing venues such as museums, to interact with artists and learn about their work. Lowe Mill is also home to six small galleries which house rotating exhibits by various artists covering a vast array of media and stages of artist development. Patrons have the opportunity to interact with exhibiting artists at opening receptions.
Lowe Mill not only serves its artists and creators, but also provides benefits to local and surrounding community members as well as visitors to the city. According to Sarah Cole, Media Director at the Mill, approximately 400,000 people come through the facility annually. In addition to informal sharing of information, many of the residential artists offer individual instruction or group classes in their specialty. Some even do so on a drop-in basis, allowing for spontaneous delving into an art project. One of these studios is Big Glass Art where visitors can make a “Tiffany” style stained glass creation. A random sampling of scheduled workshops and classes shows instruction available in comic book art, making your own custom-blended mineral make-up, pottery wheel-throwing, water-color painting, figure drawing, and print making, among others. There are also classes specifically for children including a five-day art camp with Denise Onwere and an after-school art class designed for home-schooled students.
Research indicates that “adults who become involved in the arts were initially exposed to them as children” (McCarthy, Henegha...

... middle of paper ...

...ille?” Many of those ways are obvious—entertainment, art education and appreciation—but one little talked-about or recognized is the fact that Jim Hudson and his development of Lowe Mill have given new life to an area that had long ago been a thriving community as Huntsville’s first suburb. Now cut off from the hub of downtown activity by a limited access highway that dissects the east side of town from the west, this historic area had grown to be neglected and for decades was mainly home to low-income families, singles and the elderly (Roop, “West Huntsville”). However, the area began to show improvement after the 2004 opening of the Flying Monkey Arts Center and the subsequent removal in 2008 of a large homeless mission next door to Lowe Mill (Roop, “West Huntsville”). Clearly the addition of Lowe Mill has help to influence the community’s perception of the area.

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