Love And Unconditional Friendliness As Fundamental Human Ethics Essay

Love And Unconditional Friendliness As Fundamental Human Ethics Essay

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Like the Buddha, Christ regards love and unconditional friendliness as fundamental human ethics. The central notion of love and unconditional friendliness is both implicit and explicit in the Christian Bible and in the life of Jesus. Jesus explains that love is God and God is love; therefore, everything that God creates—humans, nature, animals, etc.—is love . In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches the principle of the Golden Rule, in which he discusses the importance of love through unconditional friendliness. Matthew 7:12 describes this principle as “is everything, do to other what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets” . In other words, this quote shows that though Jesus knew human’s hearts are selfish, so he provides humans with a standard in which people can gauge their actions: actively treat others the way they themselves would want to be treated. Furthermore, the Golden Rule is a part of the second commandment—“Love thy neighbor like unto yourself” love others—preceded by the command to love God himself . Without love or unconditional friendliness, one may argue that humans would not be willing or able to follow Jesus’ Golden Rule. In addition, unlike the Buddha who is a human, Jesus explains that God has the ability, through his grace, to forgive sinful humanity—an act of love. Consequently, similarly to Buddhist followers, Jesus teaches that a Christian’s deeds are best recognized rather than his or her statements of faith . Overall, both the Buddha’s and Christ’s teachings on the ethic of love and unconditional friendliness teach people extend their love and friendliness to others, including their enemies, in order to focus on their journey of becoming less sinful and more loving pe...

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...hough Jesus preaches external goods are insufficient for internal happiness, he teaches that joy can be attained when one feels joy for another, “true Joy comes only when we are focused upon walking with the Lord and esteeming others” . In other words, true joy—sympathetic joy—may be attained through valuing others. This allows one to be part of the spirit of God. Jesus understands that human nature involved jealousy, which could stop someone from feeling sympathetic joy, so Jesus makes clear that God “blesses the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield” . In other words, Jesus has blesses Christians so that one person’s success does not cancel out the success of another person . By this blessing, Jesus allows one to feel sympathetic joy for another without feeling threatened. Overall, sympathetic joy is a piece of attaining salvation from God.

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