Essay on The Los Angeles Mission College Child Development Center

Essay on The Los Angeles Mission College Child Development Center

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On November 10, 2015 I had the opportunity to observe the Los Angeles Mission college Child Development center located in Sylmar. The center was opened to student observation and cooperative to help me in my observation. The receptionist gave me information before I observed the teacher in action. The capacity of children the center holds is ninety students. The children are divided by age group and with the teachers who are experience with the ages of the children. This center allows toddlers all the way to 3 year olds to join the center. The Center does allow students with special needs such as Down syndrome to enroll at the center. There is teachers who try to help accommodate to the child’s needs. Everyone is treated equally and show respect towards one another. The center requires students to have proof of family gross income, birth certificate, Tb shot, health examines, and employment verification. The center is opened at 7:30am and the dismissal is at 5:00pm. Some students may leave ahead of time since this is a child care center. The student are given meals provided by the center. For the class I observe they were given veggies, fruit, cereal, etc. The class I observed consist of 18 students. There was ten girls in the class and eight boys present that day. The day I went about two of the students were absent that day. The people from the center informed me that the average age group is three year olds, but there is some two year olds. That day the teacher had five assistants since there was a few mothers helping that day. I was told the assistances vary since they have parents who want to stay and help certain days. The teacher has two assistants that are assigned to her. Although, the class did seem full becaus...

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...ay children could see and learn. Her body language was always positive and it encouraged trust between her and her students.
In conclusion, this observation helped me think outside the box. I would have never imagined we had to look for specific information for the role of the teacher. The atmosphere of the classroom was positive and full of energy. The children are the ones who send positive vibes when walking into a classroom with the help of the teacher. These children were talkative and very cooperative. Also, music brought joy to the feeling of the classroom. The teacher would interact with the children individually and as a whole. She knew her students by name and individual needs. There was a strong connection between the teacher and her students (the children would hug her). The children’s work was positively commented and discuss by the teacher.

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