Living in the Age of Information Explosion Essay

Living in the Age of Information Explosion Essay

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Today is an era of information explosion. In the past few years, many newly invented technological devices and software are now tightly integrated with our everyday lives. Today, people can look up almost any kind of information, make friends, communicate with others, and express ourselves with the simple touch of a button on a device we usually keep within arm’s reach. “Widespread use of technology is changing the way we work, learn, and communicate – even the way we carry out our regular, daily activities.”(Seifer and Mihalynuk) These devices not only benefit our livelihoods and increase our happiness, but they are also integral in advancing education, technology, development, and, in general, human evolution. The children of today, who have been raised in this era of information explosion, will undoubtedly reap such benefits and, in turn, advance society towards a better generation.
In the United States, using a smartphone or tablet has been an unstoppable trend. According to the report from Pew Internet, in the United States, 56% of all adult population is smartphone user, 35% have cellphone, which is not a smartphone, and only 9% do not own any cell phone (Smith). At the same time, the tablet computer has been growing substantially since 2010, especially with the advent of Windows 8. Pew Internet shows that 34% of the United States adult population owns a tablet computer, representing a growth of more than 30% in three years (Zickuhr). Although these reports were based on the adult population, many children their own mobile devices. Such a device will provide them the accessibility to browse the Internet, listen to music, watch videos, play games both instantly and with unlimited quantity.
Being able to browse the Intern...

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