The Little Things Never Bothered Me Essay

The Little Things Never Bothered Me Essay

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The little things never bothered me; the little things never phased me. Watching the news and having my father make a comment about the “Porch-Monkey” that was shot by police in downtown Minneapolis. Walking down E-Block with my mother and noticing how she clutches her purse as we go by the tall black men on our side of the street. My cousins making a snide remark about a white girl at their school dating the “Nigger with the sweet dunk”. It was all just a normal day with nothing new, it wasn’t until I realized how embarrassed I had become. I wasn’t embarrassed solely because of their words or actions, but I was embarrassed at my own lack of action, my own lack of a voice. Those little things never used to bother me, those little things never used to phase me. Now they do. It’s easy to speak from the point of privilege, but where did this privilege come from? Just from the color of my skin? The issues I witnessed stem from long before even my fathers-fathers’ time and helped me to realize that injustice as well as discrimination wasn’t just being thrashed out by my family, but from society itself. The U.S., as a whole, claims to have “come so far”, but how far have we really come to racial equality? The answer turned out to be, not far at all. From the post Civil War era, to Reconstruction, to modern day racial bias can be seen throughout the late history of the United States and is still being fought in order to obtain equality in the eyes of the law.
Whites only. The long arm of Jim Crow stretched over nearly every state south of the Mason-Dixon line and wasn’t eradicated until the late 1960’s when the Fair Housing Act finally put an end to the legality of the sanctions against Black Americans. From slavery to the induction o...

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...see my mother act weak and superior when she should simply be herself and just walk by people. That’s what they are, people. Many times I have wanted to scream at her that they are just people, not rabid dogs that will jump out and attack you for being to close. We don’t need to eradicate the idea of race or that we aren’t different. We are different, but it’s the matter of not seeing those differences as being threats to your own well-being. Those differences aren’t there to define someone of their self-worth or who they should be seen. They should be seen in a way that represents their actions as a human being, not as apart of group or race. The law is supposed to be the one sure thing that we all are seen as equals in, but until we can change our internal notions of people, it will be a long time before we all can truly been seen as equals in the eyes of the law.

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