Essay on The Little Nutritional Food Industry Promotes The Unhealthy Options

Essay on The Little Nutritional Food Industry Promotes The Unhealthy Options

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Limited resources in low-income neighborhoods, which include lack of access to education, inhibit individuals from learning about nutrition and recognizing the harmful effects of the fatty sugary junk food they consume. Insufficient funds are allotted to other essential programs in poor, low-income neighborhoods, whereas in affluent communities they can afford to create programs focusing on the importance of nutrition. The little nutritional knowledge poorer Americans have that comes from the public school system is not enough and since they do not have access to adequate education, the “deleterious effects of a diet are monopolized by fast food” (Freeman 2222). Unlike richer Americans, these individuals do not have extra money that can be used towards education about nutritional health. While the inexpensiveness of fast food allows low-income individuals to eat a lot of food and still save money, they are compromising their health in the process. However, these individuals are not entirely at fault for sacrificing their health since the relationship between the government and the fast food industry promotes the unhealthy options. Freeman claims that their partnership “lead[s] to false information about the health benefits and harms of fast food” (Freeman 2223). But the public perceives the inaccurate information as the truth since it comes from the government, a reliable source. Instead of verifying the information themselves, individuals that do not have the essential education about nutrition continue to consume the unhealthy food without paying attention to the long-term effects of it. Because their socioeconomic status inhibits them from learning about nutrition through community-sponsored programs or visits to dieticians, th...

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...he government’s responsibility to provide for its citizens. Changes in these programs, however, are not the only necessary adjustment needed to end obesity among low-income Americans. Introducing farmer’s markets in these neighborhoods can not only supply fresh fruits and vegetables, but also provide education to these individuals about healthy, nutrient filled foods. Since produce from a farmer’s market is cheaper than that of supermarkets, low-income individuals will be able to afford these healthier alternatives to frozen and canned foods. The solution to the obesity epidemic among the low-income population of America requires the elimination of the limited resources that come from socioeconomic inequities. The solution to the obesity epidemic does not consist of only one change, but rather multiple adjustments that can transform the lives of low-income Americans.

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