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I. Marketing Background A. Overview of the Industry One of the notable developments in the food industry is the proliferation of fast food chains in the Philippines. According to Manrique (2004), “If one were to take a short trip around the key areas of Metro Manila and the provinces, the odds of not passing by a single fast food branch is close to impossibility. In fact, of the total number of restaurants in the country, 80% belong to the fast food sub sector.” However, when tracing the history of the fast food industry, the actual term “fast food” can be found to have first appeared in the Philippines during the 1980s. It is explained that during this period, there were few family-dining outlets and variety was limited, with most catering to average income Filipinos. Since Filipinos who belonged to low income brackets could not afford eating at these restaurants, companies seized the opportunity and targeted this market, leading to the increase in fast food chains and thus the popularization of the term “fast food” (Manrique, 2004). A change in popular lifestyle has also contributed to the proliferation of fast food chains. In the late 1980s, many Filipinas stayed at home to take care of the family and provided home-cooked meals. However, lifestyle in the 21st century has shifted drastically and is becoming increasingly hectic. Furthermore, increasing prevalence of dual income or OFW dependant households have led to family meals at home becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to prepare for. This has led to an increased patronization of fast food chains due to their quick service, convenience and reasonable price (Manrique, 2004). White-collar workers, regardless of age and marital status, have increased the dem... ... middle of paper ... ...oes on to note that fusion foods, as well as burger concept restaurants have enjoyed high popularity. However, there are other growing trends that will likely compete with the burger fast food market. Two trends identified in the article are restaurants that cook “homey” food, and convenience stores that sell meals ready to eat. Overall, a very clear market trend towards healthier food is prevalent. Diets, exercise programs and new restaurants have appeared in response, and many human interest sights have written articles observing this trend. Additionally, it seems that there is a willingness to pay more for food that is successfully branded as healthy. However, this does not guarantee success as the fast food burger market is already highly competitive, in addition to competing with other markets such as juice bars, ramen bars, and other fast food industries.

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