Literature Review : Forensic Psychology Essay

Literature Review : Forensic Psychology Essay

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Literature Review Forensic Psychology
Examining the literature on the treatment of mental illness in correctional institutions through the lense of forensic psychology certain themes become apparent. For one most of the sources have been published in recent years, going back to the early 2000s. This can be attributed to the relatively new discipline of forensic psychology and the fact that the issue of mental illness in correctional institutions has only relatively recently gained relevance again. However, all the sources agree that one, there is a high and disproportionate number of individuals with mental illnesses in the prison system and two, this is a major problem the system faces today and steps towards examining and solving it have to be taken (Cloyes, Lovell, Allen & Rhodes, 2006 ;Lovell, 2008; Magaletta, Diamond, Faust, Daggett & Camp, 2008; Mills, et al., 2011; Mitchell & Latchford, 2010).
Overall, the literature in this section focuses on different aspects of the issue. While some literature looks at specific treatment options other literature looks at the general issue of mental illness in correctional institution. However, most of the literature focuses on a more structural approach to solving the issue, involving changes in procedure or training and education of inmates and service personnel.
While inmates with mental illnesses can be found in all types of correctional institutions, no matter their gender, ethnicity or the security level of the institutions, there seems to be a higher prevalence of mental illness in combination with specific factors. Magaletta, et al. (2008) found that women offenders were more likely to display mental illnesses compared to men. Their study found that while one in seven male o...

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...prison system (Kupers, 2005; Mitchell & Latchford, 2010). This resistance can be decreased through methods such as honoring the resistance of the inmate, discussing the limits of confidentiality, discussion of realistic outcomes and to a certain level acting as an advocate for the inmate (Kupers, 2005).
The literature, however, does not discuss the combination of effects of policy changes and changes in specific treatment options. They either focus on specific treatments or more general changes within the institution that might improve the individual 's treatment. When using these two aspects one could gain a more comprehensive view of the issue and suggest a resolution that not only takes the mental health staffs perspective into account but also the perspective of the policy makers and the imposed limitations that come with dealing with correctional institutions.

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