Essay on Literature : An Intricate Art Form

Essay on Literature : An Intricate Art Form

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Literature is an intricate art form. In order to attempt to understand the meanings and ideas within literary work, there are many forms of criticism that propose different approaches to its interpretation. Each criticism is crucial to the understanding of how individuals interpret literary works. Since each criticism has a different approach to enrich the understanding literary works, the question is raised whether one criticism should be used over others, whether a certain combination of criticisms should be used, or whether all criticisms should be taken into account. This may all be dependent on the reader’s individual preference or opinion, but each criticism presented builds on the others to create a well-rounded and unique understanding of literary works and their authors.
In order to avoid ambiguity, each of the literary criticisms should be defined in order to aid in the presentation of how each of them is crucial to the deepest understanding of literary works. As described by Lynn, Reader-Response Criticism is a response to the problems or limitations that New Criticism presents. Moreover, not all works are subject to “close reading”. Some works are more ambiguous and less unified as others. Likewise, New Criticism is monotonous in its results and separates life, politics, and experiences from the reader, leaving the work to its standard meaning and unity. On the other hand, Reader-Response Criticism calls for a more in-depth view of a work while also recognizing the reader as an active part in the work. One must consider that Reader-Response Criticism does not further the reader’s understanding of a work, but adds the reader’s understanding to a work’s interpretations. Furthermore, New Criticism views the basic struct...

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...n order to understand a literary work.
In an attempt to criticize literary criticism, it is proven that it is up to the discretion of each individual reader (each individual critic) to decide how and which of the literary criticisms must be used in order to satisfy the needs and interests of the individual reader in order to understand a specific work. Whether it be to understand what unifies the work or to understand how the deepest, most innate motivations of an author may influence their work, each form of criticism is important in offering a different feature of literary works. Therefore, it is important for readers to be aware of the different types of criticism in order to decide which benefits their understanding of the work. When readers learn how to use literary criticism, they develop as a learner, and ultimately experience literature as a true art form.

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