Essay about The Link Between Ecosystem Services And Biodiversity

Essay about The Link Between Ecosystem Services And Biodiversity

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I think that high biodiversity is necessary for maintaining various ecosystem functions and services because when diversity allows for functions and services to take place. For example, in an ecosystem where there is less diverse, the organisms in that community are more susceptible to disease and are less resilient to disasters. Therefore, when there is less diversity the community will be less likely to be proactive in the community for functions like decomposition and nutrient cycling. Also, more diverse communities are more likely to include organisms that are very efficient at doing certain functions.
A study I found, Perspectives on the link between ecosystem services and biodiversity: the assessment of the nursery function, talks about the relations between biodiversity and ecosystem services. They reviewed the role of nursery habitats and how they help keep biodiversity in the habitat and the services they supply. In the article it states, “Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning are influenced by interactions between individuals or species which direly rely on habitat availability and condition.” I believe this is in correlation with my statement about communities that are more diverse also are more resilient. If the habitat can hold all of the biodiversity, it must be in good condition and the more diverse an ecosystem is, the more able those organisms are to survive in it.
The article also stated, “Biodiversity is the variety of life, including variation among gens, species, ecosystems and habitats.” Therefore, if an ecosystem lacks biodiversity, then the likelihood of that ecosystem producing services and functions for people is low. This article talks a lot about how these functions and services help humans so much ...

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... this topic quite a bit in ecology, but briefly mentioned dilution effect in this course. I thought the dilution effect model was very interesting. Basically what the dilution effect model says is that if there are more species in an ecosystem, there are less health problems. For example, when we talk about the spread of Lyme disease in forest, if there is high diversity in the forest then there are lower rates of Lyme disease because there are more other mammals that are not harbors of Lyme disease. Therefore, when these other mammals get bit by a tick with Lyme disease, it does not infect them and there are less deer being infected, thus leading to less infections all together. I thought this was a cool concept because it works like this in any ecosystem. This is the reason why the more species living in an ecosystem makes the system stronger as a whole community.

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