Life Plan Reflection : The College Success Strategies Essay

Life Plan Reflection : The College Success Strategies Essay

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Life Plan Reflection Essay
In the college success strategies (COLL 101) class, we had explored various areas of future possibility. Throughout the quarter, We sketched out the big pictures of the future. We identified potential destination and explored the path to get there. In this reflection essay, I would like to talk about and reflect on personal development throughout the quarter.
Education and Goals
After looking at hundreds of schools, thinking about multiple factors of schools, I finally picked the University of Washington-Seattle as my first choice for transferring. The TEP (Transfer and Education Plan) helped me through the process of exploration. By doing the interests test on WOIS, meeting with an academic advisor, attending transfer fair, and making the concept maps, I found out that I was sure to major in business, therefore the Foster School of Business would be where I would go. Business major requires a wide range of knowledge. Economics is a class that I have to take and I think might be difficult. Online tutoring will be a good help for me. Although the UW is a school with high reputation, especially the Foster school is very hard to get in, I still want to try hard and challenge myself to get in, and graduate from there. At the same time, the TEP suggested that we should think about a “parallel plan” which is helpful if I can’t choose my first choice. I might go to another school or major in another area instead. I set a high goal for my education plan, so that I can push myself to work hard and achieve my other goals. In class, we talked about that we should have not only short term goals but also medium and long term goals. Short term goal for me now is to finish Associate degree at Cascadia in 2 years; med...

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...amazing for me to get in the habit of making agenda and do work according to it. Time blocking, another strategy presented in class is useful, which reduces my procrastination.
Life become more clear when I plan out everything. This Life Plan Portfolio summarized the explorations for my life moving forward. I explored on education, career, how to help the society and ways to get success. Waking up in the morning without knowing what is the purpose of my life is not ideal for me. Making a life plan and knowing what should I do in order to achieve goals help me to be organized and purposeful. Those plans and goals may change as time goes on, but the Life Plan Portfolio documented where I started. For the next step, I will work hard, use the tips I got from the class and walk along the path I chose. Eventually I will get to my goals and live a happy life.

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