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The Life of a Christian Essays

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In life we want to be the best, have the best of everything, and be surrounded by only the best people that can help us to achieve our desired goals. But as a Christian it takes more than just wanting the best, you have to put forward the effort, and follow the path that God has set forth.
But unfortunately when you are a Christian, some things will get in your way, your faith can become tested, and your decision making can become clouded. But you probably ask your self why? You have love for your fellow Christians and have helped those that were less fortunate than you. So why are you the one that seems to keep struggling?
When you are a Christian these things won’t last always, just look to the Father and He will direct your path. Yes you have helped others, but did you do all you could, did you give from the heart or just from your purse? It does not matter how much you give, but when it is not from the heart it will only dissatisfy the Lord.
You see a standard among many Christians is the belief that the Bible's books were inspired by God, and thus the Bible is the major or only source of knowledge of what is right and wrong. The ethics themselves are those derived by interpretations of the behaviors of individuals in Bible stories, and not from the Bible stating specifically what is ethical. There is no mention of ethic, ethics, ethical, moral, morals, or morality in the Bible (or at least none known in the King James) (Gowdy, 2009-2010).
In Christianity the behaviors and teachings of individuals in the Bible stories are subjectively interpreted as good or bad - or the stories are said to be holy or evil within the eyes of God, which then leads the reader to conclude which specific acts are deemed right or wrong - and ...

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... to their claims to justice (Nash, 1999, p. 360).
In conclusion, it should not matter if one is judged alone or with a group. We are all equal in the eyes of God and should not worry what others say about us, because in the end God will be the only one we need to impress and he already knows where you stand in the eyes of equality and justice.

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