Christian Ethics And Secular Ethics

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Secular Ethics- Secular Ethics is like the total opposite of Christian Ethics or Theistic Ethics. Secular Ethics is the belief that man makes the rules, not God. Secular Ethics is within the framework of atheism and naturalism. In secular ethics, there is no God, so it is up to man to create and maintain a set standard of ethics.
Christian Ethics-Christian Ethics is based around God and his character. Christians believe that God is truth, so in order to uphold true ethics; it has to be based on God himself. Christian Ethics is the belief that absolute moral order exists and it is found within our inner self. God sets a standard with ethics and it is our responsibility to uphold that standard.
Medical Ethics-Medical Ethics is based on health,
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Both sets of beliefs look for the achievement of morality but they are based on two different sets. Secular ethics cannot achieve morality because its foundation is not based on truth. However, the foundation of Christian ethics is truth because God is truth. In a sense, Christians can fail and imply our own ethical standard by conducting sin. If we listen and act accordingly to our flesh and not toward the will of God, are we not conducting secular ethics? Are we not taking the role of God and thinking that our way is better? Both ethics strive for morality but only one can achieve true morality and that is Christian ethics. As humans, we do not have the power to uphold morality and good ethical behavior without the strength from God. God is the foundation and we must live to his will and not man’s…show more content…
Christian medical ethics is found on the belief that that divine authority is granted and found in the word of God. Medical professionals have a responsibility to God to do the right thing. However, medical ethics as a whole can be based on a number of philosophical views. Whether these views are leaning toward utilitarianism, libertarian or even feminist ethics, the substance can be wider. Again, the main difference between the two is that Christian medical ethics is based on the will of God. For instance, the Christian view on abortion should be quite clear. As a Christian myself, I believe that abortion is murder. However, medical ethics comes into play with questions like these. With abortion, should the woman decide on whether or not the procedure is in her best interest? Does the unborn child have any rights? The comparison between the two is that both strive for the right ethical behavior of medical professionals. Both ask the question about how much power and rights should physicians
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