Essay on The Life And Ministry Of John Calvin

Essay on The Life And Ministry Of John Calvin

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This essay will review the details that caused this well-known theologian, reformer and biblical scholar to leave the Catholic faith and turn to the Christian faith. This essay will also detail that John Calvin helped shape and positively impact the Protestant Reformation because of his significant ideas and guidance that helped reform the church.

John Calvin was born in the town of Noyon on July 10, 1509 in France. John Calvin’s parents were Gerard Cauvin, and Jeanne le Franc. John’s Father, Gerard held an extremely important position as a cathedral attorney, which provided the necessary connections in order for John Calvin to attend college. Gerard Cauvin’s desire was for his son to study theology and become a priest within the Catholic Church. At an early age John Calvin attended the College de la Marche in Paris. After John completed his courses of study at the College del a Marche, he then transferred to the College de Montaigu. While at the College de Montaigu most of John’s studies centered on religion and philosophy. Around 1528 John’s father had some issues with the local bishop of Noyon, because of this matter his father suggested John give up on theology and pursue a profession in law. “Thus it came to pass, that I was withdrawn from the study of philosophy, and was put to the study of law. To this pursuit I endeavored faithfully to apply myself, in obedience to the will of my father; but God, by the secret guidance of his providence, at length gave a difficult direction to my course.” “Calvin studied in Orleans and Bourges, under two of the most famous jurists of the time, Pierre de l’Estoile and Andrea Alciati.” Finally, when his father passed away Joh...

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...filling what God wanted him to do. “John Calvin was deeply concerned that people recognize the limits of human reason and submit to the sufficiency of God 's revelation concerning knowledge.” We have all fallen and missed the mark at some time in our life, and we all still make mistakes. However; Jesus Christ died so that every person’s sins and mistakes would be paid in full forever. “Calvin is portrayed as a flawed yet forgiven man who persevered through challenging life experiences in a difficult time.” As I stated before we have all messed up. but because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we are in right standing with God. I believe John Calvin performed the task at hand the best he could, and he did the job he felt God called him to do. There will be a time when we all have to answer before God, and that will be between God and that person.

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