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  • The Eucharist

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    The Eucharist (Otherwise known as the Holy Communion or the Blessed Sacrament) is a Catholic sacrament considered to be the apex of Christianity. While some Catholics and different branches of the English Church believe that this bread and wine are transformed into the literal blood and body of Christ, others believe that it is a simple expression of faith. It is considered to be the very essence of love that binds us to the savior; and it is this teaching of love that inspires the Catholic view

  • The Eucharist

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    The Eucharist The Orthodox Eucharist Service The Holy Eucharist is the oldest experience of Christian Worship as well as the most distinctive. Eucharist comes from the Greek word which means "thanksgiving." The word describes the most important form of the Church's attitude toward all of life. The origin of the Eucharist is traced to the Last Supper at which Christ instructed His disciples to offer bread and wine in His memory. The Eucharist is the most distinctive event of Orthodox worship

  • The Eucharist

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    Eucharist is the central rite of the Christian religion, in which bread and wine are consecrated by an ordained minister and consumed by the minister and members of the congregation in obedience to Jesus' command at the Last Supper, “Do this in remembrance of me.” In the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches, and in the Anglican, Lutheran, and many other Protestant churches, it is regarded as a sacrament, which both symbolizes and effects the union of Christ with the faithful. Baptists and others

  • The Eucharist

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    Whether Protestant or Catholic, one who actively practices a belief in Jesus as God’s son universally recognizes the Eucharist. Despite the fact that it is one of the seven Catholic sacraments, other religions assign similar worth to the practice and perceive it as holy. The Eucharist, an act of eating bread and drinking wine in remembrance of the passion of Christ, goes by many names, depending on the religion that is commemorating it. It may be referred to as Holy Communion, the Lord’s Supper

  • Symbolism In The Eucharist

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    The Eucharist is a very important part of Christianity, as it represents the blessed body and blood of Christ as given to the disciples during the last supper. To me and many Christians, the Eucharist is a symbolic reminder of God’s love for us and sending his only son to guide us on our own spiritual journey to find Him. It also serves as a reminder that Christ suffered and died for our sins, as represented in the symbolic consumption of his body and blood. I attended St. John’s Abbey, a Catholic

  • Analysis Of The Eucharist

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    The Eucharist and just what it “is”, physically and spiritually as a part of Christian worship, has been the subject of theological debate for centuries. The one thing that almost all sides of the debate about the Eucharist seem to agree on through the years is that the elements, the items used, are bread and wine/grape juice; although there are a few exceptions. These exceptions to the use of bread and wine/grape juice happens when some denominations or individual churches try to do something

  • Eucharist History

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    Eucharist History -reenacts the closing events of jesus' life -links past-present-future one ceremony -powerful, meaningful ritual -last of the 3 sacraments of initiation -prescribed by christ -have to see the eucharist as body, not bread Eucharist celebrates -"a way of remembering" -daily reminder of Gods love -jesus shared bread at last supper/do this in memory of me -a thanksgiving feast -"eucharist" means giving thanx Ritual Meal -earliest form of rituals are eating and gathering -sacrifice meal

  • The Importance Of The Eucharist

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    The Eucharist, which is also called the Holy Communion, the Lord 's Supper, Mass, or the Divine Liturgy, is a sacrament accepted and celebrated by most Christians. The Eucharist is a portrayal of the Last Supper; or the last meal that Jesus Christ had with his disciples before he was taken away, and later crucified. During the meal Jesus ate bread and wine and informed and taught his disciples to do the same in remembrance of him. While the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant churches all accept

  • Religion In The Eucharist

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    The Eucharist is an important sacrament found among many denominations of Christianity. A sacrament is a religious rite; sacramental practices vary throughout Christianity. Catholicism recognizes the seven sacraments of baptism, confirmation, the Eucharist, penance, anointing of the sick, ordination, and matrimony. The Eucharist is a source of endless debate for the Christian faith; its history is complex and has evolved over the centuries. The Roman Catholic Church’s perspective on this religious

  • The Eucharist And The Catholic Church

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    To the ordinary person the Eucharist looks like a piece of bread in the shape of a circle. But to the Catholic Church the Eucharist is Christ in the present form. The Eucharist is what makes the Catholic Church unique. In the beginning, Jesus Christ, at the Last supper broke the bread and gave it to His disciples and told them it was His Body and told them to eat it. The Eucharist is what makes the Catholic Church Unique. Without the Eucharist The Catholic Church would just be a group of people

  • Eucharist Reflection Paper

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    the rules or participate in our rituals I began to open my mind and let myself feel the meaning. After watching the Church 21 video “Eucharist and our Formation as the People of the Church,” by Cardinal O’Mally, I was brought upon the reason why I began to feel the faith, how we must love to have a healed

  • Research Paper On The Eucharist

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    Dong Mr. Ballintyn Sacraments 30 November 2017 Eucharist Paper The Eucharist is an essential part of the Catholic faith. The faith flows from the Eucharist and becomes the cornerstone of our faith. The Eucharist the high point of our faith and we must acknowledge that it is the summit of being Catholic. The Eucharist the source and summit of the Christian life. This is because the Eucharist represents Jesus as our key into the heaven. The Eucharist is the source of the faith, all that is done in

  • The Eucharist: The Breaking Of Bread

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    The Eucharist is the consecrated element of bread and wine received in Holy Communion, where through transubstantiation, becomes the body and blood of Christ, nourishing and healing Catholics upon consumption through Jesus’ sacrifice. This originates from the Jewish Passover meal which was celebrated with the apostles, where this was “established when God rescued His children of Israel from Egyptian slavery” and is now one of the most significant times in the Jewish calendar as it commemorates the

  • The Reformer And The Eucharist Analysis

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    vernacular, the idea of the seven sacraments, and the concept of transubstantiation within the celebration of the Eucharist. The latter particularly caused a great deal of debate, even between the reformers. Two of the most prominent reformers, Martin Luther and Huldrych Zwingli, had vastly different opinions on the transformation of the bread

  • The Role Of Baptism And The Eucharist

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    practiced many different sacraments. However, Western theologians limited the sacraments to include the ones that Christ instituted. As a result, the Sacrament of Baptism, Confirmation, the Eucharist, Penance, Extreme Unction, Orders and Matrimony became traditional in the West. Accordingly, Baptism and the Eucharist are highly esteemed because of references in the Gospel of Matthew, the Thirty-Nine articles of the Church of England and they are differentiated as the two Sacraments ordained by God.

  • The Importance Of Sunday Eucharist

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    life. The celebration of Sunday Eucharist is of paramount importance because the community comes together on the Lords Day of rest to remember the resurrection of Christ (Diocese of Owensboro, n.d.). It is through this ritualistic gathering that the entire Catholic community comes together. We are called to gather in Church on Sunday’s to pray, give thanks and show respect to our God as he invites us to the feast of his own son, Jesus Christ, through the Eucharist (Bianchini, 2008). This Eucharistic

  • Reflection Of The Holy Eucharist

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    of our lives in His hands. Finally, Christ offers us His very Body and Blood to transform, liberate, heal, strengthen, save, and sanctify us—great is His mercy and love for us! Hence, there is no greater gift in this life than to receive the Holy Eucharist; when we do, we become one with Him. Therefore, daily Mass has become the effective solution for many Catholics that yearn to deepen their relationship with the Lord. They joyfully anticipate the opportunity to visit Him daily in His Church and receive

  • Fulton Sheen's Importance Of The Eucharist

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    Sheen understood the importance of the Eucharist as “the most central sacrament of the Christian life” (Zia 53). The Eucharist is the only sacrament that is truly God Himself, not a symbol as most protestant Churches would believe, but, as Jesus repeated in the Bible, it is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ. The Eucharist is at the core of the Mass, as “a true sacrifice that finds its proper celebration at the alter” (Zia 53). While the Eucharist is a sacrifice, “Jesus is not re-sacrificed

  • The Eucharist: Archbishop Oscar Romero

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    The Eucharist commits us to live for the lives of others. It is our duty as Christians to save the poor and needy. The Roman Catholic Church has strong beliefs in the Eucharist, and as seen in the movie, Romero, the Eucharist is also the source and summit of our lives; it transforms us to care for our neighbors. Archbishop Oscar Romero lived a life that showcased the Eucharist as the source and summit; he transformed himself into living a life in the service of others. The Catholic Church is

  • Reflective Essay On The Holy Eucharist

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    In February, I attended an Ash Wednesday service at St. Francis Catholic Church here in Abilene. My friends and I arrived a few minutes before the service was set to start and we were greeted by some older gentlemen who offered us a paperback book of relative size. It wasn’t a Bible, but rather a collection full of different prayers, passages and songs relevant to various occasions. We were guided inside and the sanctuary was nearly full to overflowing. One of the first things I noticed was how quiet