Life: A Gift that God Prepared for Us Essays

Life: A Gift that God Prepared for Us Essays

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There are indeed many individuals that have amusing thoughts and questions that absorb their minds. What is the purpose of living if we are eventually going to departure from this world? Why even bother to live? There is a point in everyone’s life where they asked themselves these questions, because we live in a polluted planet where we suffer from a diverse of conflicts. In today’s world, many people see their life pointless due to economic, health, and self issues. Without any doubts many ignore the fact that there’s numerous reasons of our existence here on Earth.
Ever since I was a baby I have been attending to catholic churches, yet I didn't become familiarized with my faith and belief until I reached my teens years. As a teenager I was able to join into the youth group of my church and attend to retreats, where I became aware of the meaning of life. God is the main creator of us human and we have to appreciate the opportunity he has given us by delivering the best out of our self to please him in the most pure way. We have to acknowledge that Jesus, God's son ways and thoughts are higher than ours and his works are perfect, and all his ways are fair. I remember in one our lectures in a spiritual retreat when the priest pointed of an extremely admirable point about Jesus' death. The reason why Jesus was crucified was because of our sins. He wanted to give his people the chance to be forgiven and have a place reserved with the Lord when we die. The way Jesus’ death was performed make religious people and others think deeply about how he sacrificed his own life to keep us save. Yet, we still have a large amount of people who do not take into consideration what he faced when he was humiliated on the cross. That is why his cha...

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...s to value with grand sacrifices. Life is a precious aspect that should be treasured every day. I completely disagree with those closed minded people that have the thought of suicide consume their minds. People ignore the fact that life does a purpose and that is why we are currently living. Having the honor to live reflects the desire to make a difference in our world. Many folks appreciate the gift that God has prepared for us, life. As humans we have ability to look within, break the borders that hold us behind and amplify our hearts and minds with the world. We consistently establish goals that later become reality, we desire to have a positive outcome for the sacrifices we make and have the obligation to strive for what we wish for and defeat any inconveniences placed in our path. We have a mission to overcome as we borrow a space on the planet. So why not live?

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