Liberal Bias in the Media

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Today it seems almost impossible to get a straightforward answer on any major topic from the media. All sources of media have a specific audience that they are intending to hear or view the information that they have prepared, therefore they will cut bits and pieces out so that only the message they are trying to get across will be received. So indeed there is a media bias, and yes it more often than not slants towards the liberal view point, as many reporters and journalists have liberal views themselves. Journalists and reporters for the major networks will strongly denounce the suggestion that they favor of one side or the other when it comes to being politically biased. On the other hand there are other media sources that come right out and say they are “Liberal Intelligence” such as “The American Prospect”. In another article from the American Prospect website, they talk about border security and how good Obama and the Democrats are doing at making the border laws stricter. In the article they say, “In the last two years, President Barack Obama has introduced border-enforcement policies that are stricter than those of his predecessors, leading to record number of deportations and massive spending on security resources (American Prospect).” Never once do they mention that the border security has not been as large of an issue in the past, and the government was more worried about the terrorism from 9/11 and our economic crisis. This example shows how a publication that is considered to be more to the left, favors democrats by showing them in a more positive light. Then there are other media sources may say they are not liberal, but they hire liberal reporters and writers to get their news out. “The elephant in ... ... middle of paper ... Economists." Front Page | Vox. 3 Jan. 2008. Web. 21 Nov. 2010. Fallows, James. "The Atlantic | September 2003 | The Age of Murdoch | Fallows." The Atlantic — News and Analysis on Politics, Business, Culture, Technology, National, International, and Food – Web. 10 Nov. 2010. "Former USA Today Editor Says Media Bias Is a 'Myth' |" Web log post. | Exposing Liberal Media Bias. 22 Nov. 2010. Web. 22 Nov. 2010. "Liberal Media Bias." [[ - - Carolyn Gargaro's Web Site - Home of a Conservative Female! - - ]]. Web. 10 Nov. 2010. "MSNBC: Obama Needs More R&R; Americans Uneasy Over Economy Because We're 'Instant Gratification Society' |" | Exposing Liberal Media Bias. 11 Nov. 2010. Web. 11 Nov. 2010. "The Real Media Matters - Byron York." National Review Online. Web. 11 Nov. 2010.

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