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Lewin 's Change Management Model Essay

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Lewin’s Change Management Model has been around for a long time. According to Middaugh and Grissom (2012) Lewin’s change management model’s development started in the 1940’s and considered one of the best models for organizational change. The use of a change model is to understand change and what in the organization is in need of change. One of the reason’s this model is still used is because of the simplicity of it.
The three primary characteristics of this change model according to Lawler and Sillitoe (2010) is unfreezing the current processes, instituting a change of those processes, and stopping the attitudes that come with change.
As an organization that rotates leadership and personnel every three to four years, I do see this model. There are some that just leaves the old policies in place because either they do not want to deal with it or think that it is not as important as something else. I have seen those that come in and shred everything and start it over. The processes that are scraped are more of the internal processes. The much larger process change has to submit up higher. A higher process change is something that has happened over a few years.
Submission of Warrant Officer Packages at one time was submitted by paper package mailed. Then it went to scanned and hard copy. Then it went to just scan. The current way to submit is online. The intent was to speed up the process of package transfer, which is why they did this change over time. Those making the packages (like me) was a little frustrated because it looked like double work at some points, but I did see the benefit of the change from mail to scan because it saved money on mailing and I had better tracking on scan and email.
The simpl...

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... everyone. The model breaks it down from the old process, new process, and assisting employees to understand.
In my simple case that I presented to the leadership, it was coming from a former recruiter. I was willing to take it on but as the admin chief, I had 20 plus jobs already. The other former recruiters were upset that they were screened for the job and the one that was chosen turned the entire program around. I was there as the well as a secondary to assist. He did good and recognized with an award not only from the inspectors but the command when he left.
The Commanding Officer is the ultimate person that takes the failure because it is his command. The failure does trickle down and what I did not want to happen is what O 'Neill (1990) pointed out which is making a change haphazardly. I had enough time to prepare my thoughts when the time came.

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