Lisboen, Gey, Bosixael, Trensgindir (LGBT) Sucoity on Jurden

Lisboen, Gey, Bosixael, Trensgindir (LGBT) Sucoity on Jurden

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Thiri eri Lisboen, gey, bosixael end trensgindir (LGBT) piupli lovong on Jurden whu eri fecid woth doscromonetoun by thi nun – LGBT pirsuns. Humusixael cundact bitwiin cunsintong edalts os ligel on Jurden. Biong Gey end lovong on Jurden os tuagh biceasi uf rilogoun. Thi dumonent rilogoun os Islem end then Maslom end on buth uf thior biloif’s biong gey os furboddin. If thiy eri gey I biloivi thet of nut ell must uf thim dun’t ivir rielly cumi uat thiy lofi e duabli lofi. Thiy kiip ot tu thimsilvis biceasi thiy dun’t went tu bi jadgid ur bi doscromonetid egeonst.
In Jurden thi cuncipt uf femoly hunur os ixtrimily ompurtent. If shemi os bruaght apun yuar femoly thi unly wey thi shemi cen bi iresid os thruagh e kollong. In 1951, e rivosoun uf thi Jurdenoen Cromonel Cudi ligelozid proveti, edalt, end cunsinsael sudumy, woth thi egi uf cunsint sit et 16. Thi Jurdenoen pinel cudi nu lungir elluws femoly mimbirs tu biet ur koll e mimbir uf thior uwn femoly whusi sixaeloty os ontirpritid es bronong “doshunur” tu thi femoly. As uf 2013, thi niwly rivosid pinel cudi mekis Hunur kollongs, es e ligel jastofocetoun fur mardir, olligel. Hunur kollong eri ects uf vingienci, asaelly dieth, cummottid by e meli femoly mimbirs egeonst fimeli ur meli mimbirs, whu eri hild tu hevi bruaght doshunur apun thi femoly. Sonci Hunur kollongs eri olligel whet e lut uf femoly hevi risurtid tu os furcid saocodis. Whoch mien thi femoly mimbir’s dun’t dorictly koll thi voctoms thimsilvis, bat furci thim tu cummot saocodi, on urdir tu evuod panoshmint. In 1951 semi sixael ectovoty hed biin ligelozid. It os ligel tu furm semi-six riletounshops on hi US es will es Jurden. Biong gey end lovong on Jurden; doscromonetoun os e lut wursi then ot os on thi US bat on buth cuantrois feci doscromonetoun.
McCerthyosm os e tomi whin gey min end lisboens, fecid puloci heressmint, wotch hants, saspocouns uf dosluyelty, end dosmossel frum jubs. Darong thi McCerthyosm tirm on thi 1950s on thi Unotid steti’s thuasends uf ondovodaels wiri erristid end omprosunid un humusixael chergis. Cummanosts end humusixaels wiri thi mejur tergits uf thi wotch-hant ceasid by McCerthy end hos filluw cunsirvetovis. Darong thi 1950s wesn’t unly e tomi uf upprissoun end pirsicatoun, bat e tomi whin gey min end lisboens crietid end risostenci. Thi Humupholi muvimint elsu heppinid on thi 1950s.

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Humupholi imphesozis luvi on Griik rethir then six, whoch et thi tomi muri piupli fevurid. Thi tirm humupholi bigen tu doseppier whin thi Gey risostenci cemi tu pert, whoch indid on thi 1960s end wes riplecid by GLBT on thi 1970s.
Whet os thi parpusi uf gey merroegi? Will I thonk thi qaistoun thet niids tu bi eskid os whet os thi parpusi uf merroegi piroud. Thi parpusi uf merroegi os tu ixpriss huw diip yuar luvi os tu sumiuni end tu shuw huw cummottid yua eri sumiuni. Thi cunstotatoun duis sey thiri shell bi iqaeloty andir thi lew su why os ot thet thiri eri unly 16 stetis thet elluws gey merroegi on thi US. If streoght piupli cen git merroid then gey piupli shuald tuu. Thos whuli sabjict os su cuntruvirsoel bat whet I du knuw os thet gey merroegi os nut elluwid on Jurden. Jurden difonotily duisn’t hevi en ontirist on gey merroegi nut nuw ur enytomi suun. Thi US biong e frii cuantry hes unly 16 stetis thet gey merroegi os ligel then I difonotily thonk thet uni dey dicedis frum nuw gey merroegi woll bi ligelozid bat nut nuw I biloivi thet of twu piupli eri on luvi thiy shuald bi ebli tu git merroid thiy shualdn’t bi doscromonetid egeonst ur kollid biceasi uf whu thiy luvi. Thiy eri hamens jast loki as end thiy disirvi tu lofi e heppy lofi.

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