The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Lgbt, And The World Essays

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Lgbt, And The World Essays

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Due to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights in the world introduction
wrote by Kelly Kollman and Matthew Waites, the world has been changed decades, and the LGBT movement is still continuing to develop. (2009) However, China has the highest population of the world, which also means it contains tremendous numbers of LGBT population. But compares to the western countries, the Chinese government seems to ignore this particular group spontaneously. The neglect of the LGBT group caused more problem for traditional heterosexual to understand and embrace the LGBT culture. Even distorting it’s definition by heterosexism and spread their ideas rampantly. In this article, I will explore this particular group in China and focus on the present situation and normal life of the Chinese LGBT group, the dangers they are encountering and the LGBT transnational linkage between China and the world.

The Present Situation and Normal Life of Chinese LGBT Group
In China, citizens naturally assume any male who had sex with the other male as bisexual.
This country is a collectivist society where social responsibilities and the group demanding are more crucial to compare to the highly valued individualism of western countries. Sex has been as a forbidden topic for years. Marriage is more as a family business than love and passion. Due to the research of 15 men who have the sexual experience with other male, participants shows that the Chinese traditional moral code, the gender roles, and family values are more important than their demands which covered by compromise to get into an exterior heterosexual marriage to represent their social and family responsibility. The settlement is extremely unhealthy because they will try to have ...

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... instead of directly to the organization. The Chinese government is more like a sponge than a filter, money goes through the government level by level and reach the NGO at the end, each rank absorbing a small amount of money. Additionally, the pressure of financial support shortage forces the Chinese LGBT community to seek the other way of bonding with the global LGBT civil society. The Internet is the most efficient and frequent place the resource and cultural communication conducted in recent years.
In conclusion, the paper shows that Chinese LGBT community is complicated. It divided by the local politic policies and highly influenced by the traditional culture. Also, the challenge they have to overcome are the financial shortage. Additionally, researchers suggested that the Chinese LGBT NGO should focus more on LGBT youth psychological and physical health care.

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