Leonardo Da Vinci : A Man Of Many Talents Essay

Leonardo Da Vinci : A Man Of Many Talents Essay

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Leonardo Da Vinci was a man of many talents. He’s definitely inspired me in art, music,

and literature. Art is the imitation of nature. It’s expressing the way you feel through music,

literature or art itself. Art is important to our daily lives because it defines our creativity,

creates joy, a sense of calmness, and can be inspirational. Although Da Vinci created his work

dating back to 1473, his work still lives on today impacting many lives through art, music and

literature. He will always be considered one of the greatest and most influential artists of all


Music, Art, and Literature may seem different, but when you think about their definitions and

what each category represents, it’s all the same. Art represents an outlet of expression through

literature, music, culinary arts, media arts, drawing, painting, and photography. Music, Art, and

Literature plays a big role in culture. The arts is universal and found in every society creating

culture expression through human creativity. The arts relate to me in many ways. Music

helps me to focus. When I need to get my homework done or get the house cleaned, I turn my

music on. Art relates to me because I like to paint. My children and I paint together all the time.

It helps to release stress for me. Literature relates to me because I love to read and love

researching about different artist of our times and who made an impact in our world such as

Leonardo Da Vinci.

“Leonardo The Absolute Man” was a dream of Peter Morticelli, the head of label Magna

Carta Records. Morticelli reached out to Trent Gardner, an American progressive rock musician

and producer to help bring this vision to life. In 2001, Gardner wrote and compose...

... middle of paper ...

...am it, you can achieve it.

Da Vinci wanted to do it all and that’s what inspires me the most about him. I want to run

multiple businesses but often feel sometimes that the burden maybe too much. However, when I

think about Da Vinci and all he’s accomplished in his life, it inspires me to keep pushing myself

no matter what the obstacle.

Conclusively, Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the great creative minds this world has ever had

a chance to know. He was a man of many talents who was also an artistic genius in his own right.

Not only did Da Vinci explore art, he explored the world and everything it had to offer. Da

Vinci’s work defines creativity bringing a sense of joy and inspiration to your life. His work will

continue to live on through our history books and he will forever remain one of the greatest and

most influential artist of all time.

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