Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo de Vinci (1452-1519), considered a pioneer artesian, of the high renaissance, was best known for his art, science, and his wisdom. He believed in only what he could observe. His drawing Vitruvian Man (1490) is the balanced perfection of human anatomy. The fascinating artisanship, undertaken from a drawing, inside his mysterious notebook, illustrates, dissects, and shapes an understanding of the mechanical symmetry of humanity. His correlation between man and universe has enlightened the modern studies of medicine and machine for centuries. His prized work of the human body according to the mind of Leonardo De Vinci's Vitruvian Man has become a world-renowned icon. It is important to preserve Vitruvian Man for the preservation of humanity, the workings of the human body, as an analogy of the workings of the universe, according to genius.

Leonardo de Vinci grew up a brilliant man in an era of distinctive separations between establishing the art of the Late Gothic, Early Renaissance, and High Renaissance. The time around 1400-1525, was the revolution of many artist and the development of a profound genius of the day. Historians consider the High Renaissance for artist, sculpture, and innovators a peak time. "The renaissance was a growing and changing of attitudes and ideas, rooted firmly in the general history of the period and not as a static and isolated phenomenon" (Hay). The essence of humanity seemed to be on the minds of many artists. The high renaissance had been additionally titled "the birth of new interest "(Esaak) because the 15th century experienced an increase in artistry and literature due to the development of a new technology which allowed the distribution of their words, the printing press (14...

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