The Legislative Branch Is Made Up Of Congress Essay

The Legislative Branch Is Made Up Of Congress Essay

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When our government was first created, it was decided that not all the power needed to rest with one division or person. All the power was to be divided into three separate Branches: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Each branch would have its own power and laws to follow. This created a system of checks and balances to insure that no corruption or overruling would take place. How each Branch works is deliberate in each action and ruling.
The Legislative Branch is made up of congress members. It has the authority to create laws and declare war on other nations. Another power is checking the other houses by means of voting through congress. Their checks on the Executive Branch begin with the power to overturn a presidential veto by a two-thirds vote, remove the president through special cases of impeachment, and approval of treaties and presidential appointments. Their checks on the Judicial Branch are as follows: creation of lower courts, impeachment of court judges, and the approval of their appointments. With the power to check the other Branches, the Legislative Branch can make sure it’s doing its part to further our government, thus improving the quality of society.
Within each Branch, certain roles and jobs are valued and considered extremely important to the fundamental running of our country. The Speaker of the House has an extremely important duty to the Legislative Branch by acting as the foremost administrator of the House, serving as the lead of the majority political party in the House, and being the voice of Congress. The Speaker is also in succession to the president and vice president should anything ever happen. The Senate President Pro Templore holds responsibility over the Senate in the absence of the vi...

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... In May and June, Supreme Court rulings are given to the presented cases.
A notable case in Supreme Court constitutional interpretation would be Roe vs. Wade, a case that took place during 1973. The ruling in this case altered womens’ rights to make their own decisions about their bodies and medical decisions. The case presented was Roe, a pregnant woman, that decided to challenge Texas state abortion laws. The court ruling ultimately decided that abortion would only be considered legal if the pregnancy threatened the life of the mother or child. The issues presented gave an extreme challenge to the court system due to the fact that Roe’s pregnancy had already been terminated naturally. It also called into question if abortions violated the fourteenth amendment. In the ultimate ruling was in Roe’s favor, granting rights abortions performed for lifesaving reasons.

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