The Legend of the Treegap Spring Essay

The Legend of the Treegap Spring Essay

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The legend of how Treegap Spring became enchanted has never been revealed, until now.
Treegap was nothing but trees and a spring. No one lived there, no one knew what "Treegap" was until two boys discovered it. Sick of all the rules at home, Mike and Joey, two eleven year olds decided to run away. Little did they know about what was coming.
The early vivid sunlight shone through the paned windows of the small brick home sparking like a diamond. Mike and Joey were ready. Their parents weren't awake so it was the perfect time for them to escape. They set off on their adventure with no maps, no food,water, or shelter.
"Where exactly are we going?" Mike asked his brother.
Joey looked up at the blazing sunlight, “Who knows?”
So the two boys continued on their journey. They did not know where they were, and
did not know if their parents were awake looking for them. Time was meaningless because Mike and Joey were determined to find a place to stay for the night. They could see some trees in the distance and those trees seemed to call them there. So they ran over to the trees and found a forest.
They explored the forest and no homes or sources of food so they started leaving but a
glistering sparkle caught Joey's eye.
"Hey look over there Mike!" Joey said to Mike. Mike looked over where Joey was

"Yeah, what is that?"
"Might as well go over there!" Joey replied to him walking over there cautiously.
What they reached was a spring. Mike and Joey both danced in joy! They found water!
After their long walk they found a water! The both dived into the water like puppies getting their dinner. They were so happy and excited. The whistling of birds filled the forest. The faint smell of pine trees also filled the forest. Only...

... middle of paper ...

... many trees in the forest and the spring made a gap between one side and the other. Treegap was born.
Twenty years passed.

Angus, Mae, Miles, and Jesse Tuck discover this new land which people call Treegap. They were thirsty so they drank out of the spring and they were granted with an immortal life. Later, young Winifred Foster runs away from home and discovers Jesse Tuck drinking from the spring which the Tucks have to kidnap Winnie. Winnie learns about the Tuck's secret and must not tell anyone. A stranger follows them, the man in the yellow suit. The man in the yellow suit was Joey. There was a constable for Treegap and he was Mike! The man in the yellow suit wants to sell water from the spring which does make sense because he was the one who discovered it. The Treegap Spring became enchanted by two evil witches who put the wrong potion in the spring.

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