The Legalization Of Marijuana For Recreational Use Essay

The Legalization Of Marijuana For Recreational Use Essay

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I decided to write my essay over one of the most heavily argued issues in the United States for many years which has become increasingly debated over the past three years. My subject is over the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana. I personally would not vote for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use; nevertheless, I find this change acceptable. Let’s face it we have a democratic government in which the people vote for what they want. In this case the majority of some states populations are electing this change. However, this essay is not meant to bore the reader with the common bickering of why this drug should be legal or not. Instead my argument is that a clear set of rules and regulations that are equal to all need to be established. The sudden spark of interest that inspired me to write about this subject emerged after a recent snowboarding trip in Colorado with my family. We are avid snowboarders that have carved the slopes of Colorado’s mountains numerous times. This was my first time back after the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana subsequently this was my first glance at this change in American history. After viewing the changes in Colorado it became clear to me that the authorities need to be stricter while enforcing the states current laws pertaining to the possession and use of this drug. This persuaded me to conduct further research. While conducting this research I learned the history, effects, advantages, disadvantages, and potential problems that this drug provides. I believe this change can truly benefit the wellbeing of this nation if the correct precautions are taken and the proper guidelines are established and strongly enforced.
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...g that individuals are not driving or going to work while under the effects of cannabis. This leads to yet another grey area; individuals in states where the use of this drug is legal are getting fired for failing drug tests.
Overall the advantages outweigh the disadvantages regarding the legalization of recreational use of marijuana that provides this country with increased tax revenue and job opportunities. More importantly it gives the majority of the people in these states the change they wanted and voted for. This country was founded on freedom and democracy and it would go against everything that the citizens of the United States are lead to believe if the government did not allow the people to vote for the changes they want. If they restricted freedom by doing so it would lead to much larger problems than the ones presented by the legalization of this drug.

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