Legal Issues And Considerations For Juvenile Cases Essay

Legal Issues And Considerations For Juvenile Cases Essay

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Juvenile cases:
• Burglary (2003): Found delinquent, Probation, 1 year
• Operate Vehicle w/out Consent (2004): Admission, Probation, 1 year

Adult cases:
• 14CM5053: Retail Theft, unresolved
• 13CM290: Disorderly Conduct, guilty plea, Probation, 1 year
• 11CF5787: Escape, guilty plea, 60 days HOC
• 07CF3759: Burglary, guilty plea, 15 months/15months WSP
• 07CF3760: Theft (2), guilty plea, 6 months HOC; 3 months HOC consecutive
• 05CM711: Disorderly Conduct, guilty/no contest, 21 days HOC
• 04CF1545: Resisting/Obstructing Officer, guilty/no contest, Probation, 18 months

Joseph’s Statement – Mr. Ott shared with this writer that he is ashamed of himself for his choices and what led to his choices. “If I could take it back I would.” He says his primary reason for his involvement in the charges was to address his withdrawal illness and his inability to get the help he’d been trying to get. Mr. Ott says while he did not mean to cause harm, he acted out in desperation. Mr. Ott regrets his actions and understands that he must pay for his decisions He shares that he is not only disappointed in himself, but also wants to set a better example for his sons. He is also remorseful that he has “brought [his] family down, because [he’s] the only one doing bad.” He wants to be able to support and provide for his family safely, legally, and not be a repeat offender. Mr. Ott acknowledges that he needs to heal from his addiction. He is thankful for the support of his family and girlfriend. Mr. Ott expressed great remorse when speaking with this writer and wishes to extend a sincere apology to the victims in his case.

A person with long-standing use/abuse, and/or dependence of, opiates or h...

... middle of paper ...

... illness, Mr. Ott made decisions that placed his victims, his community, and himself in an untenable position. He’d been attempting to self-medicate with controlled substances not just to cope, but to survive. Understanding that now, Mr. Ott is willing to atone for his mistakes.

While Mr. Ott has accepted responsibility for his choices, he will, no doubt, continue to have a debt to repay. In order to do that, Mr. Ott needs coping and decision making skills he does not presently own. Without access to sufficient, effective, and consistent AODA and mental health resources, Mr. Ott may remain trapped in the revolving door or use, addiction, and criminal behavior. This court has the opportunity to provide direction and oversight of his AODA and mental health programming, while offering the opportunity for him to work toward healing, recovery, and restorative justice.

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