Essay on The Legal Issue Of Employment Discrimination

Essay on The Legal Issue Of Employment Discrimination

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In the legal issue titled Employment discrimination, it describes a situation where abc corporation decides to respond to what it sees as a moral obligation to correct for past discrimination by adjusting pay differences among its employee. This raises a lot of ethical conflict with abc’s employees and its shareholders for numerous reasons. Employees were treated unfair, Abc company can no longer be trusted as a good work ethic company, they have a bad reputation for discrimination and there might be a likelihood the company will go out of business due to its actions.
The company will want to give a form of conformity as a form of forgiveness, however not very people will want an adjustment to their pay. For example, the company can offer a certain amount of money so that way the employee can be satisfied and forgive the company for their actions of employment discrimination. The company will then most likely have each employee sign an arbitration agreement where the employee cannot sue the company for doing the employment discrimination. This case has been going on for various decades and is still being fought in today’s courts. From age, race, sex, national origin to religion people have been discriminated in the work force for those numerous reasons.
Here is an example of a case that went through in 2005 a group of brokers at Merrill Lynch sued the firm under 42 U.S.C. § 1981 and Title VII raising various claims of racial discrimination and seeking to litigate the claims as a class. Among other things, they alleged that the firm 's “teaming” and account-distribution policies had the effect of steering black brokers away from the most lucrative assignments and then prevented them from earning compensation comparable to white b...

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...s own employees.
All of these companies who go through these cases must be ready to follow all positive ethics, especially try to avoid being involved in class action lawsuits. There have very bad effects on the reputation the company. When abc company decided to adjust pay differences as a moral liability they were abiding by a company duty to refrain from having future lawsuits. Discrimination in the workplace can come in many forms, including sexual harassment, race, religion and ethnic discrimination. When an employer does not take the proper steps to prevent discrimination in the workplace, the atmosphere at the company can be uncomfortable and the employer could be liable for a discrimination lawsuit. Every small business owner should take the necessary steps to prevent discrimination in the workplace, and encourage harmony and cooperation among the employees.

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