Legal & Ethical Issues Of Business Organizations Directed By Professor Lisa Andrews

Legal & Ethical Issues Of Business Organizations Directed By Professor Lisa Andrews

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Legal & Ethical Issues in Business Organizations directed by Professor Lisa Andrews showed me how court cases work and the importance of proper ethics when running a business. The course began with giving me an understanding of how the constitution works with the court system. Continuing on the course most of the work was based around completing an understanding of how the judicial system works in America. The cases the class looked were real cases allowing me to see what would happen in different scenarios if my business were sued or I wanted to sue another company. The other aspect of the course was assisting the students in gathering an understanding of what type of ethics we all had when it came to employees and employers. This part of the course showed me what type of leadership I have and how to use positive ethics to make a strong leader.
This course did not directly relate to my work in Web and Mobile Application Design since a majority of the work is working with software to create a productive system. Ethics plays a strong role in any companies’ path to success. Being a graduate assistant I have no power over anyone, since I am considered to work in an entry position. However, in the past year of working at Franklin Pierce University, I have coordinated several focus groups to understand what students want out of their University experience. Legal & Ethical Issues in Business Organizations gave me assistance in seeing ethics from a customers view. As the course progressed more information was presented on what are the ethical responsibilities a business should represent to their customers. Seeing students as customers showed me the importance of allowing their voices be heard before any significant problems occur. Even t...

... middle of paper ... EMT and finding a job as a healthcare administrator. However, with my recent investment into mobile application development and joy for coding has caused me to change my mind on the foundation paper I wrote when entering the Masters of Business Administration program. I now see that working with a company to develop a mobile application platform for outpatient care where patients will be encouraged to use proper medications with healing techniques that will benefit their well being. I see this as the best option to help people in the healthcare industry. After the company has become successful, the company will encourage proper legislator through financial incentives. I have always been aware of the effects of money in the United States of America, but after this course, my thoughts have changed on whether I can have an impact without having large financial wealth.

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